Employees Are Fed Up. What Is HR’s Mission For The Year Ahead?

Employees Are Fed Up. What Is HR’s Mission For The Year Ahead?

Josh Bersin
Josh Bersin
Employees Are Fed Up. What Is HR's Mission For The Year Ahead?

We’re entering a tumultuous year and employees are fed up. Quiet quitting continues and unemployment remains low. What is your mission as an HR professional in the year ahead?

In this podcast I help you understand tech industry layoffs, the changing role of pay, new priorities for L&D, and why employees are “fed up” and changing jobs at a rapid rate. And I’ll give you an informed perspective on the role of HR and your mission as a leader, HR professional, consultant, or entrepreneur.

This is an exceptional time to be in Human Resources, L&D, consulting, or HR Tech. Join me as I explain how you can re-energize your career and value in the year ahead.

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