Healthy Organization

Wellbeing and the Healthy Organization

Wellbeing has been at the front and center of HR and business conversations for many months. However, most of the discussion has continued to focus specifically on employee wellbeing and primarily in the areas of physical health and safety.

Our Big Reset working groups, along with the many interviews conducted throughout 2020, led us to think that the wellbeing topic needed to be greatly expanded. Therefore, we embarked on a research initiative earlier this year to find out just what practices and programs organizations were implementing, the challenges they were encountering, and most importantly, what was actually making a difference.

The resulting report, The Definitive Guide for Wellbeing: The Healthy Organization, examines the benefits of taking a holistic, enterprise-wide approach to wellbeing. The research shows that a people-centric approach to all aspects of work is the foundation of every “healthy” organization and goes into great detail on the associated benefits, which range from improvements in financial performance to greater employee engagement and retention to increases in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The related infographic is available for complimentary download, but the full report and other healthy org resources are reserved for our corporate members. Simply complete the short form below. For information on how The Josh Bersin Company can help your organization become a healthier organization, contact