The Josh Bersin Company Corporate Membership

Would you like help with your corporate learning, recruiting, talent or HR strategy? Would you like to better understand the HR technology market, create a great employee experience, or develop the capabilities of your HR team? We help companies around the world align, improve, and transform their HR and people strategies and achieve measurable results.

We offer independent advisory services, groundbreaking research studies and topical reports, and insights from our analyst team.  Additionally, we host one of the largest senior executive networks, The Big Reset Group, established at the onset of the pandemic to help leaders grapple with unprecedented workforce challenges.  Our Global Capability Project and its supporting resources are designed for end-to-end professional development of HR professionals and teams.

Our corporate membership gives you and your team access to all of our services, research, and professional development. Regardless of your questions or strategic needs, we can help.

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Who Is Josh Bersin?

Josh is a global research analyst, public speaker, and advisor on the topics of corporate human resources, talent management, recruiting, leadership, technology, and the intersection between work and life.

In 2001 Josh founded Bersin & Associates, known as the leading research and advisory company in corporate HR. In 2012 Bersin was acquired by Deloitte, and became Bersin by Deloitte. In mid-2018 Josh retired from Deloitte and started the Josh Bersin Academy, the world’s home for HR.

Josh and his team of experts offer research, advisory services, the Global HR Capability Project, and the Josh Bersin Academy, the only end-to-end professional development platform dedicated to HR leaders and their teams.