Best Practices for HCM Excellence: The SAP SuccessFactors Edition

When it comes to HR technology investments, they don’t get much bigger than buying an HCM. While choosing a platform that aligns with your organization’s needs marks a crucial first step in the process, a successful implementation is not guaranteed. Leaders need to undertake a thoughtful, well-designed approach.

In the third and final installment of the HCM Excellence series, The Josh Bersin Company team explores best practices for SAP SuccessFactors – the most widely-used HCM platform in the world. In collaboration with the implementation experts at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the Best Practices for HCM Excellence: SAP SuccessFactors Edition report:

  • Digs deeper into why and how HCM technology can address complex business issues;
  • Explores the importance of defining key business rules and the ability of the right HCM to support business rule governance;
  • Shares detailed case studies of complicated but successful implementations at Allianz and Microsoft; and
  • Provides direction to key stakeholders involved in and impacted by HCM implementation, including technologists, HR leaders, and functional leaders.

Whether your organization uses – or plans to use – SAP SuccessFactors or another platform, this report offers mission-critical guidance to improving your HCM technology usage. Download the complimentary introductory infographic below. To gain access to the entire HCM Excellence research collection, including this SAP SuccessFactors-specific guide, and custom strategic guidance for your team, please indicate interest via the form below and The Josh Bersin Company team will be in touch:

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