Time-to-Hire Factbook

Time to Hire Factbook Talent Climate 2023 Report 1Talent Acquisition’s been a hot topic in business for years, and the conversation continues to heat up as finding the right employees has continued to prove difficult. Why is this happening as the economy slows down? What can business and HR leaders do to improve their effectiveness and efficiency when looking for top talent for critical roles?

Strategic preparation and systemic HR solutions can keep your company growing in this time of change.

The Josh Bersin Company’s Time-to-Hire Factbook is the first report in the Talent Climate research initiative launched in collaboration with talent solutions business AMS. The charts the time-to-hire metrics for 2022, along with early projections for 2023, leveraging half a million global data points from AMS, in addition to The Josh Bersin Company database of hundreds of HR practices.

For this report, we analyzed hiring data from eight industries and over 25 countries. The insights offered in this Factbook are broken down by Industry, Region, Roles, and Country. Sample data-driven takeaways include:

  • In every industry, there is wide variation in hiring time for hard-to-fill roles, suggesting companies need to be strategic and flexible.
  • The 2023 projections show a significant increase in the longest hiring times for 3 out of 4 regions, suggesting that hiring in APAC,
  • EMEA, and LATAM (Latin America) will be increasingly difficult and volatile this year.
  • The 2023 benchmarks continue to rise across nearly every role, suggesting that time to hire will continue to be a challenge for most job families

This Factbook will help you understand where your company fits across the data categories and learn The Josh Bersin Company’s top recommendations to optimize your hiring practices. New benchmark scorecards provide a helpful point of reference to compare your organization’s performance with others in the market and better understand how emerging trends will impact your current strategy.

This cutting-edge data analysis combined with actionable recommendations — like tapping into your current workforce — and other robust research resources empower decision-makers and practitioners to break the boundaries of traditional talent acquisition processes.

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