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In March 2020, we realized that the pandemic was impacting business and HR in unprecedented ways. The following month, we launched several working groups, comprised of senior HR and talent leaders, to share their experiences and learn from others.

Since then, we have continued to host these working groups, which meet in five-week sprints, as leaders grapple with post-pandemic challenges and opportunities. Topics covered include culture and wellbeing, recruiting, retention, new leadership models, workforce transformation, diversity and inclusion, and hybrid and deskless work. To date, approximately 400 leaders have participated in these sprints.

This agile, collaborative approach has proven to be highly successful. Participants come away with new ideas and perspectives; we get in-depth insights into the real-world situations HR executives now must cope with. The work has also formed the foundation for exclusive tools, such as a strategy guide for deskless employee experience, available to our corporate members.

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