The Big Reset Research

The Big Reset Research – Hybrid Work Playbook Just Launched

In March 2020 realized that the pandemic was impacting business and HR in unprecedented ways. The following month we launched a series working groups, comprised of over 250 senior HR and talent leaders, to share their experiences and learn from others.

Since then we have continued to host these working groups, which meet in five-week sprints, as leaders grapple with post-pandemic challenges and opportunities. Topics now include culture and wellbeing, recruiting, retention, new models of leadership, workforce transformation, diversity and inclusion, and hybrid work.

This agile, collaborative approach has proven to be highly successful. Participants come away with new ideas and perspectives; we get in-depth insights into the real-world situations HR executives now have to cope with.

At the end of each five-week sprint we produce a report summarizing the findings with case studies and actionable recommendations. We’re happy to share these with you. To download the reports, please complete the short form below. Also, complete the form if you’re interested in joining a future working group.