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Email My Friend, You Have Led Me Astray

(I dont typically blog about topics like this, but I feel guilty that I”m not responding to emails fast enough so I wanted to get this off my chest.)

We still don’t seem to have figured out what to do about the broken email paradigm in business. I now work for a large company (over ... Read more»

Research Shows that Retention and Engagement Now Top Challenges Around The World

We just published the major study Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2015, and the results are striking.

Today, driven by shifts in both work ethos and the transparency of the job market, employee retention and engagement are now the #1 problems companies face.  (3,200 respondents from over 100 countries)


This is the third year ... Read more»

IMPACT 2012 Quick Wrapup

IMPACT 2012 Quick Wrapup

IMPACT 2012 was amazing this week.  For those of you who couldn’t make it, let me give you a few highlights:

The conference theme was “Building Business Agility” – and throughout the conference more than 450 HR and L&D executives attended sessions on how to build global programs, drive employee engagement, create continuous learning programs, ... Read more»

Ten Ways to Reduce Costs and Improve the Efficiency of Corporate Training

We just finished an assessment of our research members and felt it was urgent to publish this important research.  If you are trying to find ways to improve the operational efficiency and reduce the costs of your corporate training programs, read this.    It includes an in-depth checklist of what to do… comments welcome…... Read more»