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Remote Work Debates, 2nd Gen AI, Talent Scarcity, Long Times To Hire

This week’s podcast covers several topics:

  • The continuing debate about remote work, and why I believe it’s still a good option, despite CEOs who feel otherwise
  • My great conversation with Scott Galloway, discussing remote work and more
  • Why Amazon workers may walk out
  • Review of AI solutions from the ERP vendors and update on 2nd
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AI Deep Dive: Three Generations Of HR Tech AI Solutions In The Market

In this podcast I explain how Large Language Models and neural networks are reinventing the HR Technology market. After more than 30 in-depth interviews with HR Tech vendors, we see three generations of AI solutions:

  • Emerging: AI features added on
  • First Generation: AI capabilities built-in
  • Second Generation: Platforms built on AI

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How Do Pacesetter Companies Outperform Their Peers? They Are “Architected for Change.”

Introducing the Pacesetters: industry leading companies who outperform their peers through skills, transformation speed, and execution. After more than a year of research in the Global Workforce Intelligence Project, this week we unveil the Pacesetter research, and this podcast gives you the overview.

These companies are “architected for change,” and they include leaders like DBS ... Read more»

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Why Do Corporate Pay Practices Feel So Broken? They Kind Of Are.

In this podcast I introduce our new research on pay and rewards. This enormously important part of business needs a transformation, and our new research on “Systemic Pay and Rewards” explains why. I give you an overview of why pay systems are so brittle, what really drives results, and how we can dramatically improve these ... Read more»

How AI Is Disrupting The HR Tech Marketplace

I just completed more than 20 in-depth interviews with HR Technology vendors to understand their AI strategies. And as I describe in the video below, I believe the results will be dramatic. Not only are vendors reinventing their offerings, new AI-centric systems have a completely different architecture, user interface, and design.

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SeekOut Brings GPT4 To Recruiters. Eightfold Launches Copilots For HR.

Two exciting AI announcements for HR today: SeekOut Assist and Eightfold Copilots for HR.

SeekOut Announcement: Giving Recruiters SuperPowers

SeekOut, a fast-growing recruiting and talent intelligence vendor, introduced one of the most exciting new applications of Generative AI today: Seekout Assist. This new product, which builds on the company’s powerful talent intelligence platform, ... Read more»

Why Is The World Afraid Of AI? The Fears Are Unfounded, And Here’s Why.

This week we saw another flurry of panic about AI. Elon Musk and a number of senior researchers wrote a letter asking the world to “slow down” for six months before advancing GPT4 (published by The Future of Life Institute). Goldman Sachs published a note that claims 300 million jobs will be affected by ... Read more»