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Four-Day Work Week: Not A Benefit, A Performance Improvement Program.

We’ve just completed a major study of the 4-day week and the results are surprising: companies of all sizes are seeing real benefits and this podcast explains why. While we’ve all been comfortable with the 5-day week since the early 1920s, it’s now time to let go of that paradigm. Lots to discuss and think ... Read more»

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What Is The Role Of An Expert In The Age Of AI?

I bet you’re an expert at something. We all are. But how will it feel when a Generative AI becomes deeper and more expert than we are?

In this podcast I describe what an “Expert” really is, and why Gen AI has the potential to totally change the market for Experts: not only HR consultants, ... Read more»

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The OpenAI, Sam Altman Drama In Perspective: What Have We Learned?

The OpenAI board saga has been fun to read about, but now that it’s settling down what have we learned? In this podcast I recap the last week’s events and give you some perspectives on tech companies, leadership, employee activation, and culture.

And by the way, what is the role of the board and where ... Read more»

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Performance Management Revisited and The Ray Dalio Dot Collector

As everyone talks about building a skills-based organization, developing people, and dealing with the tough labor market a looming question remains: How do we evaluate people for performance?

A new book about Ray Dalio’s company Bridgewater Associates gives us some interesting insights into one of the most “feedback-rich” cultures on the planet. How much feedback ... Read more»

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Why Businesses Must Focus On Inclusion And Diversity, Especially Now

In this podcast I draw the line from cancel culture to Israel to DEI to business performance. And the argument I make is that despite the challenges we face in the political and culture wars, we, in business, have to do away with these behaviors and focus on building a meritocracy, a culture of open, ... Read more»

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Understanding Systemic HR: The Four Levels Of Maturity

In this podcast I give you the “under-the-covers” look at our new Systemic HR research, and discuss the evolution of HR, the reason HR has changed, and the urgent need for full-stack HR professionals around the world.

This research, which is soon to be launched to our corporate members, has been developed after two years ... Read more»

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Trailblazer HR Technology Vendors: STRIVR Labs, Seekout, Sana Labs, HiBob, Rippling, ServiceNow

In this podcast I briefly discuss the Trailblazer HR Technology vendors STRIVR, Seekout, Sana Labs, HiBob, Rippling, and ServiceNow. These are vendors who are pioneering the use of AI or other innovative technologies; they are big and well enough established to be a safe buy; and they are platforms and tools that have been proven ... Read more»

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Unleash Paris 2023: The Skills HR Tech Confusion. Trailblazers: Docebo, Arist, Cornerstone

In this podcast, authored in Paris at Unleash, I discuss the confusion about skills technology and how to rethink your skills strategy. I also discuss AI #Trailblazers Docebo, Arist, & Cornerstone…. and I preview some very important c-level research we launched, “The Dynamic Organization.”

Additional Information

The Definitive Guide To Building A Dynamic Organization – ... Read more»

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The HR Technology Trailblazers: How AI Is Disrupting This Market

This week I’m kicking off a series of podcasts and articles on the HR Tech “Trailblazers,” vendors who are pioneering the use of AI to revolutionize HR, the workplace, and management.

As you’ll hear me explain, AI is going to totally revolutionize the HR and workplace technology market, and some vendors are now showing us ... Read more»

Microsoft Viva Skills

Why Microsoft Viva Skills Could Disrupt The HR Tech Market

This week Microsoft announced a major feature in Viva that is likely to disrupt the HR Technology market: skills. And the Skills in Viva system is not just a skills inference engine, it’s a skills-based learning system, a way to find mentors and experts, an employee development platform, and an internal mobility tool that ... Read more»

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Beyond HR Transformation: Systemic HR – Four Stages Of Growth

This week we previewed our big research effort in Systemic HR, the evolution of the human resources function. As you’ll hear, this is a story about how Human Resources professionals continue to add value as business, the economy, and the workforce continues to change. We will be releasing much more on this, I hope it ... Read more»

LinkedIn Launches Exciting Gen AI Features in Recruiter and Learning

This week LinkedIn announced some massive Gen AI features in its two flagship products: LinkedIn Recruiter and LinkedIn Learning. Let me give you an overview.

Let me start with LinkedIn Learning.

As you know, learning is a complex process. Employees want to ask questions, jump around from topic to topic, and get advice on what ... Read more»