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What’s Wrong With The Recruiting Department?

In this podcast I discuss the urgent need to better automate, upskill, and integrate recruiting. CEOs believe recruiting is the third “most time-wasting” process in their companies (after emails and meetings), yet it’s more important than ever. This year companies need to really rethink and transform this function, and this podcast explains the issue. And ... Read more»

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Why Does Netflix Outperform? They are a “Dynamic Organization.” Here’s What We’ve Learned.

In this podcast I discuss our Dynamic Organization research and how this new way of running a company is rapidly growing around the world. As the title points out, Dynamic Organizations are 31X more effective at bringing innovations to market and far outperform their peers (Netflix is discussed in detail). But this is not as ... Read more»

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Our 15 Predictions for Work, Technology, and HR in 2024

In this podcast I tell the narrative for the 2024 predictions, and why labor shortages, productivity, and dynamic organization models will become core topics this year. I also discuss the new role of DEI, employee activation, labor unions, and what we can expect in the economy. The 15 predictions are all imperatives and our new ... Read more»

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Employee Activation: An Essential Big Idea For 2024

This week I introduce a big idea: Employee Activation. This idea, which comes from important work we’re doing with Medallia, shows you how to move “beyond engagement” to a whole new world of employee listening and action-taking based on feedback.

In the new world of labor shortages, high turnover, unions, and general employee stress, Employee ... Read more»

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The Big Stories Of 2023 and What To Expect In 2024

In this podcast I walk through the big business and HR stories of 2023 and what they tell us for the year ahead.

2024 looks like a year with a strong economy, continued labor shortages, with employees continuing to take charge. And as you expect, AI will change everything.

And there’s one big story that ... Read more»

A Peek Under The Covers Of SAP SuccessFactors’ AI Strategy

This week I had an in-depth briefing with the SAP /SuccessFactors architecture team to dig into the company’s long term strategy for AI. I walked away very impressed, and starting to understand how AI does not “replace” an HCM platform, rather it “transforms it” in a very significant way. 

There are many “surfaces” for ... Read more»

AI Implementations Feel More Like Traditional IT Projects Every Day

As we learn more and more about corporate implementations of AI, I’m struck by how they feel more like traditional IT projects every day.

Yes, Generative AI systems have many special characteristics: they’re intelligent, we need to train them, and they have radical and transformational impact on users. And the back-end processing is expensive.

But ... Read more»

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One Of The Secrets To Success In 2024 Is… Care

As I look back on the year and think about all the challenges we face in business, I’m reminded of the simple human formula of how we care for each other. This topic, that of “care,” is not something people talk about a lot at work. But in many ways it’s fundamental to business success. ... Read more»

AI Is Transforming Corporate Learning Even Faster Than I Expected

Of all the domains to be impacted by AI, perhaps the biggest transformation is taking place in corporate learning. After a year of experimentation, it’s now clear that AI will revolutionize this space.

Let’s discuss what L&D is all about. Corporate training is everywhere, and that’s why it’s a $340 billion market. Everything that happens ... Read more»

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Understanding The Knowledge Graph Of HR: Galileo™ AI Unveiled

This week I want to give you some insights on AI, the use of LLM’s, and how to think about a “knowledge graph” for your company, and how it applies to HR.

Yes, your AI strategy, your employee experience strategy, and your own career as a professional are all dependent on your “Knowledge Graph.”  In ... Read more»