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Inside Microsoft HR’s Skills Strategy: A Lesson In Innovation & Investment

In this podcast I discuss Microsoft’s exciting new internal skills strategy, with a focus on Viva Skills, the role of the Microsoft Copilot, and how Microsoft is “inventing new products for HR” as Customer Zero. Customer Zero is Microsoft’s way of “eating their own dogfood” and making sure their new products are well designed before ... Read more»

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ServiceNow Goes Crazy For AI, Talent Intelligence Goes Enterprise, And Workday Gets Beat Up In The Press

Today’s podcast, recorded in Vegas after a series of conferences (ServiceNow Knowledge and Unleash), talks all about how ServiceNow is making a major play to dominate the space and how Enterprise Talent Intelligence is going mainstream.

I also discuss what we covered in our AI in HR workshop and how to evaluate the massive number ... Read more»

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Rethinking Employee Experience: Lessons from The BBC and Schiphol Airport

This conversation explores the concept of employee experience and its evolution from employee engagement.
The case studies of the BBC and Schiphol Airport demonstrate innovative approaches to creating inspiring employee experiences. The discussion emphasizes the operational aspects of employee experience, including training, inclusion, belonging, pay, and benefits. It also introduces the concept of employee activation,
... Read more»
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Here Come The CoPilots! Microsoft Earnings, and Enterprise AI Is Next.

Microsoft’s Co-Pilot, powered by AI, is being widely used by Fortune 500 companies and has become the largest and most prevalent corporate AI tool in the world. A research report by CompTIA shows that 94% of professional users have used some form of AI, including Microsoft’s Co-Pilot. The company is deploying AI at a massive ... Read more»

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Why I’m Bullish On Workday: News From The Innovation Summit

This week I attended the Workday Innovation Summit and there’s a lot to discuss. Having just celebrated its 19th birthday, the company is embarking on a major transformation. And it’s not just product innovation that’s happening, the company is greatly expanding its business model.

Additional Information

Workday Innovation Summit: What’s New and Workday’s AI Architecture... Read more»

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The Dawn Of A New Era In Learning & Development. Where Is This Going?

In this podcast I discuss the rapid, unprecedented changes taking place in corporate L&D, and how we have to rethink our entire training strategies. Not only is AI radically changing the landscape, we also have to rethink how we blend training solutions with knowledge management and legacy content too. In many ways this is the ... Read more»


BetterUp Manage: Pioneering AI-Powered Platform For Leaders

This week I attended the BetterUp Uplift conference and I really was impressed. This is a company that exploded into the market with an innovative coaching and employee wellbeing network built around an assessment called the “whole person model.” Through a set of shrewd marketing and sales strategies BetterUp established a leadership position in this ... Read more»

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Yes, AI Is Even Smarter And More Disruptive Than We Thought

Is Google’s search monopoly over? In this podcast I give you some striking insights we’ve learned from our Galileo rollout, and explain how AI is about to radically change the HR Tech and consumer landscape. It’s not as scary as it seems, but it’s clear to me that HR Tech vendors, analytics experts, and all ... Read more»

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Hot Jobs Report Shows A New Economy And Why CHROs Are Key To Growth

In this podcast I discuss the Q1 2024 jobs report and what it tells us about the post-industrial economy. I also not that CHRO pay is rising, talent intelligence is taking over core HR technology, and AI is not, despite John Stewart’s monologue, taking all our jobs away. Lots to think about here, some important ... Read more»

Are Chatbots eating the world?

Will Chatbots Take Over HR Tech? Paradox Sets The Pace.

Chatbots used to be tinker-toys. You type, try to get help, but usually result in “please call support.” Well all this has changed.

Thanks to advanced NLP (natural language processing) and AI (retrieval-augmented generation) chatbots are entire applications. They can answer complex questions, search databases, and invoke transactions on your behalf.

Pretty soon we’ll be ... Read more»

the new labor market

The Labor Market Has Totally Changed: Are You Really Ready?

The labor market has changed before our eyes. Employers and HR teams better watch out.

Over the last five decades baby boomers defined the workforce. Today things could not be more different, and this change impacts all of us.

I was born in the 1950s, growing up in a world where the middle class experienced ... Read more»

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Lynda Gratton, Professor at London Business School, And I Discuss How Life and Work Have Changed

This was such a fun discussion: Lynda Gratton, who wrote The Hundred Year Life, and I discuss the new world of work, careers, and policy issues we face. As I discuss in the beginning, the changing demographics and demands workers are essentially forcing companies to become what we call “Dynamic Organizations.” Note that this ... Read more»

take a pragmatic approach to skills

How To Take A Pragmatic (and winning) Approach To Skills

Companies all over the world are buying and implementing skills technology throughout HR. But how do we know what to buy and make sure it’s all going to add value? In this video I unpack a different approach: the pragmatic approach to skills, and how this approach will unlock you from vendor paralysis and make ... Read more»