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What’s Up With The UAW Strike? And What Are The Real Costs of AI?

In this podcast I discuss the ongoing UAW strike and why it feels strangely out of sync with the economy, EV revolution, growth of Tesla, and emergence of AI. And I also give you my experience with the “true costs” of AI, which you have to reflect in your rosy expectations for productivity. Also some ... Read more»

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What Can We Learn From Elon Musk?

This week Walter Isaacson’s book came out, so I wanted to give you my thoughts. The book is a fascinating read, and as I finished I left with a new sense of empathy, respect, and admiration for Elon Musk. Not often do individuals take on enormous role models for billions of people, so I wanted ... Read more»

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You Have More Than 80 Different HR Technology Systems? Wow. What To Do?

This week I want to talk about the problem of proliferating HR Tech platforms in companies. It’s not a simple problem, but it really is everywhere. The average large company has 80+ HR tools and many global companies have twice that. Why is this taking place and what can you do? And how will AI ... Read more»

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Generative AI Is A Massive Playground For Business

We just finished five weeks of in-depth discussions with companies about their Gen AI projects and it’s pretty amazing. Lots of playing around, pilots, experiments, and fears. In this podcast I describe what we’ve learned and give you lots of insights on how these systems work, how they will become “IT projects” pretty quickly, and ... Read more»

Introducing The Organization Design SuperClass!

Organization design has become one of the hottest topics in business. More than 80% of the companies we talk with are now experimenting with AI, flattening their organization, and reorganizing teams to improve productivity. And when it’s done well we’ve seen companies double or even triple their output and efficiency, improving employee engagement as well.... Read more»

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Understanding Today’s Economy: What It Means To HR

This week’s podcast is all about economics, and how it directly impacts HR.  I also discuss the post-industrial economy, a big topic we discussed at Irresistible. This topic will be the focus of much of our research throughout the year. Bottom line: you need to know this stuff, it really matters.

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Perceptyx acquires humu

Perceptyx Acquires Humu: HR Tech Is Harder Than It Seems

I’ve been an analyst covering HR Technology for more than twenty years and there’s one big thing I’ve learned: it’s a tough market for entrepreneurs. While it looks like a massive and easy-to-understand space, the competition is brutal and HR professionals are very pragmatic buyers. So when companies with new ideas like Humu come along, ... Read more»

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From London: All About Talent Acquisition, And How AI Forces A Rethink Of User Experience

This week I’m podcasting from London and discuss my conversations with 50+ companies this week about talent acquisition and other important topics. We’re also two weeks into our summer sprint on AI and I share some of the stories we’re already hearing from HR professionals about how confusing this has become.  But there’s a method ... Read more»

A New Operating Model For HR Is Arriving Soon: Join Us

Over the last year we have been developing a new operating model for HR, and the research has been astounding. Nearly every company we interview agrees that the traditional “service-delivery” model is no longer enough, and that HR teams (and functions) need to be far more integrated, focused on design and product management, more agile, ... Read more»

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AI in Human Resources: Early Stories From Companies Around The World

We just finished a long call with more than 100 companies about their AI in HR strategies. Guess what – everyone is experimenting. While there are hundreds of use cases, most companies are starting task forces, looking for areas to focus, and realizing that the technology is amazing but also immature and very new. This ... Read more»

US Supreme Court Affirmative Action Impacts DEI

Diversity Programs Become A Political Football: Why This Could Be Positive

The US Supreme Court decision to ban Affirmative Action in schools kicked off a shouting match among politicians, focused on applying the ruling to corporate diversity (DEI) programs. And whatever position you take politically, I think this activity will make DEI strategies an even higher priority.

First let’s be clear about the issue. While people ... Read more»