Bersin Research is Back!

Yes, Bersin Research is back. Our team is now doing some of the most groundbreaking research in my career. And it’s all available to you.

Let me explain.

I don’t need to tell you that the world of work has gone crazy. Companies are now dealing with remote work, pandemic recovery, digital transformation, and a real shift toward agile, global, highly dynamic models of work.

Every company is now in the services business, which means every company is in the people business. As a result, HR, management, and leadership are more important than ever.

While all this has happened, the number of bloggers, publications, events, and pundits has exploded. You can browse LinkedIn and find thousands of “best-selling authors” (I’m not sure what that means anymore) on every topic from recruiting to employee engagement to wellbeing to diversity. Every single one of them is interesting and valuable, but nobody has time to read them all.

At the same time, we, as HR professionals, are trying to keep up. Over the last three years, we’ve been asked to become experts in public health, remote work, wellbeing, and mental health. Add that to technical topics like design thinking, analytics, AI, and the digital employee experience and selecting platforms and providers to supplement internal efforts. There is just a lot to do and a lot to learn.

As we’ve learned from our research, no two companies are the same. As we’ve learned from our relationships with vendors, no two companies need the same things. While we all want to know what the world’s best companies are doing, the real winning strategy is not “to do what they did” but “to learn from what they did,” and invent your own solutions.

That, my friends, is what The Josh Bersin Company is all about.

Our new brand of research, packaged into The Josh Bersin Company Corporate Membership, is designed to keep you up to date, give you the information, examples, and education you need, and help make your company perform in these challenging times. And you don’t have to download research to get it – you can just ask Galileo™ questions and you’ll get the answers!

We do this rigorously and methodically, and we are building a new generation of maturity models, frameworks, organization assessments, and professional development tools. And we now deliver this in a way that is uniquely customized to your company, so it fits into your priorities, strategies, and technologies.

I invite you to learn all about it. Our new model combines in-depth research and comprehensive industry studies with tools, education, and professional development.

All of this is done with only one purpose: to make you as HR professionals masters at your craft, and make your companies and our workplace the most Irresistible and effective it can be.

It has been my life’s journey to bring this all to you, and I want to invite you to learn more. Contact us to learn how we can guide you in creating Irresistible employee experiences!

We’re back! Please join us!

Ready to learn more about how a corporate membership can support your team’s growth and your organization’s goals? Download a helpful infographic that explores all the benefits and components of the offering: