Post-Industrial Age

Welcome to the Post-Industrial Age

We are in unprecedented times. The impact of business and societal issues, including the pandemic, continuous disruption due to AI, and ongoing talent-related issues today results in a pivotal moment for both opportunity and change.

Most critically for HR leaders and practitioners–as well as organizational decision makers–is the shift in talent availability. Gone are the Industrial era’s days of talent surplus. The start of the Post-Industrial age has proven already that talent scarcity will hold back economic growth, forcing companies to focus on productivity, retention, reskilling, and AI to fuel growth

In Welcome to the Post-Industrial Age, global industry analyst and company CEO Josh Bersin delves into each of these opportunities disguised as difficult challenges. The whitepaper takes readers through the history of economic eras and defines the paradigm of business advances that brought us to the current Post-Industrial Age. The research progresses through today’s industry transformation and convergence, along with worker shortage forecasts, and lands on the actionable solutions recommended by the experts at The Josh Bersin Company.

Three recommended solutions include the initiatives organizations should focus on now:

  1. Creating an enterprise that is dynamic and agile,
  2. Maximizing leadership in a world where talent is scarce, and
  3. Shifting to Systemic HR, including harnessing AI to build and fully exploit new talent intelligence.

Before a company can take on any change initiative, leaders must change their perspective on the path to corporate success. Now is the time to redefine everything including jobs, skill development, team-centricity, recruitment, and leadership, while also considering the business possibilities and challenges of AI technology advances.

The Welcome to the Post-Industrial Age whitepaper lays the groundwork for companies to inform their approach to this new era and begin making the changes required to achieve corporate and team goals. Download a copy by submitting the form below.

If you find these recommendations resonate, explore a corporate membership. Our industry experts are here to support and counsel you on the planning, steps, and execution to realize success during this unique era.

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