Definitive Guide to Leadership Development

The Definitive Guide to Leadership Development: Irresistible LeadershipThe Definitive Guide to Leadership Development

In the Post-Industrial Age, great leadership embodies culture, values, and ownership. The most advanced leaders are transformative and plan for change, rather than waiting to react to it. As thousands of experts have examined different approaches to leading people and navigating business disruption, we know that the best leaders aren’t born….they’re developed.

In The Definitive Guide to Leadership Development: Irresistible Leadership, The Josh Bersin Company research team charted a clear and discerning map for all organizations to compare leadership development practices against their peers and decide how to adjust–or maintain–their legacy approaches to capture the wins that pacesetters are experiencing.

Only 12% of companies are hitting the mark in leadership development maturity—underscoring a unique opportunity for helping leaders worldwide foster the development of exceptional leadership in their organizations.

The new Definitive Guide to Leadership comes after a research period of 12+ months in collaboration with human transformation company BetterUp, during which our team:

  • analyzed leadership practices of over 1,000 organizations,
  • conducted many interviews and discussions with company executives worldwide, and
  • leveraged detailed reviews and records from experts in the field.

With a research library built by Josh Bersin and his team of analysts over two decades, we also cross-referenced the data from this study with our previous works. Notable alignment to the Post-Industrial Age model, and how this new age has brought to bear three major pivots in business impacting leadership: industry convergence, talent scarcity, and AI technology.

We determined the best evidence-based leadership practices to ensure optimum outcomes are to have strong alignment between your business strategy and your leadership model, engagement of leaders at all levels, and a culture and mission that is reflected in everyday behaviors of leaders. To achieve that ideal, most organizations also need support and guidance to make it happen. Of the many actionable insights revealed in this report, notable findings include:

  • The leadership dimensions that matter most: Four key elements and 16 detailed dimensions of leadership that drive impact on the business, people, and innovation.
  • Five key findings showing leadership is ripe for reinvention: Each of the five is detailed with case study examples, data sourced from previous research, primary leadership behaviors for prosperity, and evidence-based recommendations. There are also ideas for scaling leadership development, course-correcting undesirable practices, and reducing administrative loads on HR.
  • Fundamentals of the Leadership Development Maturity Model: To advance, you need comprehensive, clear-cut foundations to work toward at each level. This includes detailed commentary about each level, including typical outcomes, industries, and limitations. Recommendations for change involve board and executive support, alignment with mission, supercharged leadership development, and transformational mindsets.

As part of the overall leadership solution, we will offer our Corporate Members the full Definitive Guide to Leadership Development: Irresistible Leadership, along with our entire library of hundreds of reports, maturity models, frameworks, expert commentary, and access to our team of analysts. If your organization is not yet a member, the complimentary infographic and executive summary offer a great starting point to support your exploration of modern leadership development and reinforce the Post-Industrial Age of work reality.

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