Talent Acquisition Factbook

The third installment of our Talent Climate series, Talent Acquisition at a Crossroads, looks at one of the major influences in the market impacting business today—talent acquisition. Created in collaboration with AMS, Talent Acquisition at a Crossroads is available to the public. Download it now to review and strategically plan to better align recruiting practices with organization-wide goals.

This Factbook offers a timely sentiment survey of more than 100 HR and business Executives worldwide, plus reflection on previous Talent Climate series analyses. The analysis of the talent acquisition field includes a wide range of responsibilities:

  • Strategic alignment and organizational perception of the TA team and leadership
  • Necessary technology and automation adoption within the TA department
  • Skills-based hiring and innovative talent sourcing programs for candidate attraction
  • DEI initiatives impacting sourcing and employee retention
  • Prioritization of costs vs. investments in technology to support workforce demands

Bersin Company analysts considered data by industry and region to provide a clear picture of the forces impacting TA functions globally. We found a good deal of crossover between regions. For example, APAC, EMEA, and North America shared the top factors affecting TA: economic volatility, skills scarcity, and changing business priorities. LATAM differed with AI and automation at the top of their list.

This alignment of data from around the world underpins the findings of our work on the post-industrial age. Companies face challenges of skills obsolescence, AI and automation, and constantly changing markets, coupled with the acute need for innovation and investment in the TA team itself.

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