GWI Project Details

Project Details: Global Workforce Intelligence Project

Talent Intelligence Data

At the core of our work is real-world data from more than 1.5 billion profiles and jobs data in Eightfold AI’s Talent Intelligence Platform and Lightcast’s extensive database. This huge global data set is highly interconnected and indexed, using AI to infer skills, mobility, and changes over time. We can identify trending skills in any given company, for example, and look backward to see which were growing and which were declining. By analyzing a unique combination of data from two powerful sources, the GWI Project research reports identify industry-specific talent challenges and data-driven solutions.

Practical, Pragmatic Research

Unlike academic institutions, the GWI Project research is designed to be actionable, useful, and pragmatic. We are developing case studies, in-depth best practices, and as many examples as we can find. Our goal is not to show you the academic view of how industries are converging, but rather to give you specific action plans and options so you see the external trends, what others are doing, and what your options may be.

We plan to offer organizational assessments to help you assess where you are today and help you plan for the future. We will publish global industry studies, case studies, and best-practice reports for you to read. We will also interview C-suite and senior talent leaders, and create podcasts, videos, and other educational materials for our members.

C-Suite Councils

We are going to learn, share, and evolve our thinking over time. We are convening a series of C-Suite councils, designed to let your senior leaders participate. Each council will meet 4-6 times per year, and we will review findings, innovations, and discuss industry trends and answer questions.

Our goal in the councils is to build integrated communities to discuss findings and industry trends, and then let each individual company share whatever they feel appropriate.

We know that government policymakers, economists, educational institutions, and vendors play a role in this process. We will bring these stakeholders into the program, while remaining primarily focused on the needs of business. Instead of trying to cover every topic, we will curate third-party research and conduct literature reviews on a regular basis. If you, as an industry leader, have information or research to share, we want to make it available or use it as part of this process.

Each industry has unique competitive challenges, so we will be sensitive to bringing direct competitors together.

Education, tools, and consulting

With the GWI Project, we will provide you with data, information, best practices, and education. We will be developing workshops, courses called SuperClasses, and educational materials. This combination will empower your planning teams, HR leaders, and talent executives to learn, discuss, and build the future-focused strategies you need.

We do expect to provide advisory services and consulting so companies can learn from our experience. While new integrated talent-management strategies are important, this project will give CHROs and CEOs the guidance to find gaps, focus on the highest priorities, and leverage the experience of others.

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