The Definitive Guide to Pay Equity

Increasing Productivity, Innovation, and Sustainability

The Definitive Guide to Pay Equity infographic snip

The goal of Pay Equity is simple. It is and always has been equal pay for equal work.

While this seems simple, determining if pay equity exists is incredibly complex because it touches all areas of the employee lifecycle, from hiring to development, from performance management to promotion, and from succession management to leadership development. Pay equity needs to align with the business and people strategy, and requires not just analysis but active communication and change management.

With the support of, we discovered that while 71% of companies consider it a critical component of their people and business strategy, an astounding 95% of companies struggle with pay equity. The research uncovered that companies effective in pay equity see incredible outcomes and are:

  • 1.6 times more likely to meet or exceed financial targets
  • 2.1 times more likely to attract the talent they need, and
  • 1.7 times more likely to innovate effectively.

Available only to Corporate Members, The Definitive Guide to Pay Equity research suite equips you with a deep understanding of pay equity, helps you create a roadmap for achieving pay equity, assesses where your company is in the journey of pay equity, and provides actionable steps on the road to pay equity excellence, all supported by many real-life examples and stories.

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