Talent Climate Series

The Josh Bersin Company is pleased to introduce both a new series of research and a new asset type in our Research ecosystem, available exclusively to Corporate Members.

Factbooks share the results of our benchmarking studies, designed to provide insights into the state of various, yet specifically defined, topics across business environments, allowing you to compare your company metrics to peers. These reports are substantial and will be published at regular intervals.

The Talent Climate series is available exclusively to Corporate Members. In collaboration with AMS, this series combines half a million global data points from AMS and The Josh Bersin Company database of hundreds of HR practices and conversations with top leaders. The series will analyze and present data on critical metrics like Time-to-Hire, breaking insights down by:

  • Industry
  • Roles
  • Sector
  • Region, and
  • Country

Complete industry reports are available only to our corporate members, while high-level insights will be shared during AMS-hosted webinars featured in the broader Talent Climate initiative. To learn more about how to access our entire research library, private events, and customized support for your organization’s HR and business strategies, email info@bersinpartners.com.

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