Galileo™ Goes Live, Expands Its Power With New Trusted Content

Today Galileo™, The World’s Expert AI Assistant for HR, is generally available. After a year of development and testing, we’ve integrated more than 25 years of our research, tools, case studies, and vendor profiles into the world’s most easy-to-use, compelling, AI-powered assistant for HR.

Today more than 10,000 HR professionals are using Galileo, representing 100+ companies with more than 2 million employees in businesses that generate over $1.5 Trillion in revenue. These include companies like Rolls Royce, ConAgra, Mastercard, Colgate, and many of the world’s most iconic brands.

Galileo has been deeply trained on the entire Josh Bersin Company research library, our vast library of 300+ vendors, Josh Bersin’s 1000+ articles and podcasts, and the Josh Bersin Company Lexicon, a validated and curated encyclopedia of terms, vendors, and practices. It can explain more than 400 client case studies and presentations in video, audio, and written format. Galileo includes more than 100 carefully tested prompts so you can quickly start asking Galileo questions and learn how to use its powerful intelligence, and Galileo is able to translate and interact in more than 40 languages.

And there’s more: today we launched the Galileo Trusted Content Partners Program, with four essential new content sources. These partners are companies with data and content we trust and stand behind, and their contributions teach Galileo to be even smarter and more useful than ever. Our initial partners include:

Lightcast, global leader in skills, jobs, and labor market data. Lightcast has contributed its entire skills model (33,000 skills) and job architecture, effectively training Galileo to answer any questions you have about skills by job role.

You can ask Galileo, for example, to “help me hire a team of nurses and a nursing supervisor, what skills should I look for and how do I assess them?” Galileo will list the detailed skills needed among this team, help you understand these skills, and then give you a set of behavioral interview questions, background checking advice, and screening criteria to go hire this team.

Heidrick & Struggles, global leader in executive recruitment, has contributed its leadership framework for senior leaders around the world. This effectively teaches Galileo how to help you assess leaders, select leaders, and build your own leadership model and development.

You can now ask Galileo, for example, “how do I assess leadership in my supply chain organization and what skill, capabilities, and experiences would define a strong leader for a new project in supplier management?” Galileo will explain the approach, show you the model, and give you specific case study examples to help you build this program. It will also outline the assessment and development program to help you select vendors or build the assessment and development yourself.

Visier, global leader in People Analytics and HR benchmarking, has contributed its global benchmarking data on voluntary turnover and span of control. This data, collected through tens of thousands of companies in dozens of industries, lets you benchmark and assess your employee turnover and organization design by role, industry, tenure, and managerial level.

You can now ask Galileo, for example, “I have a team of sales people in technology and my turnover rate is around 20% per year. How does this compare to industry averages and what could I do to improve retention?” Galileo will benchmark your company by industry and tenure, give you an assessment, and then propose a series of recommendations for improvement. It will give you vendors to consider, benefits and management tips, and case studies.”

Or you could ask Galileo, “We have about 30 managers in our manufacturing plant and approximately 200 staff people, how should we consider reorganizing our team for better productivity?” Galileo will use the Visier benchmarks to help you assess your structure and give you specific recommendations for improvement, based on Bersin’s deep research in organization design.

Oyster, global leader in global employment, has contributed its global employment practices database, which covers more than 180 countries around the world. This means Galileo understands hiring norms, vacation and pay policies, hourly and labor laws, and many other country specific HR practices. While it is not a full legal database, it lets you ask questions like “I’m trying to hire a software engineering team in New Zealand, what pay practices, vacation rules, and other benefits should I consider?” Or questions like “what would be the appropriate family leave policy for our employees in Belgium?”

This is just the beginning.

Galileo is not just an amazing assistant for HR leaders and teams, it is also a platform for enterprise solutions. Thanks to its underlying architecture, you can configure Galileo to let users upload your own company’s information (onboarding guides, compensation models, leadership models, guides to your Workday or ATS system, and much more), share information across your team, and even create “Custom Assistants” for different audiences.

You can create an assistant tuned for call center agents, another for HR Business Partners, and a third for recruiters, and another for the People Analytics team. Many of our clients are also using Galileo for line managers, turning it into a leadership coach. (You can import your entire leadership training program, making Galileo uniquely capable of coaching and supporting line managers.)

Clients also use Galileo for HR technology evaluations: you can ask Galileo to help you develop an RFP and then put your RFP responses and video vendor presentations into a private space. This lets you share vendor information with your team and jointly evaluate responses.

And Galileo has connectors to your enterprise systems. By upgrading to Galileo Enterprise you can connect Galileo to Sharepoint sites (effectively indexing your entire HR portal), to your LMS (effectively serving as an assistant for all your training), and even Slack and Teams. Over time we will be integrating Galileo with the Microsoft Copilot, HCM platforms and other tools, so you’ll have access to Galileo’s corpus of knowledge wherever employees need support.

In any and all of these use-cases, the Bersin research, content, and guidance comes with you. The system is a deeply trained “vertical assistant” with extensive knowledge and perspective on all areas of HR, management, leadership, and HR tech. So you can think of Galileo as the world’s best HR and leadership consultant, and you can ask him or her to assist with any of these different applications. And because Galileo is safe and trusted, you can use it as a way to learn about AI and roll out AI to your team with confidence.

Today Galileo is available for workgroups, HR teams, and large organizations. An individual version of Galileo will be available later this year.

Please join us on this exciting journey! Sign up to get Galileo today!