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Irresistible 2024 Recap, Cornerstone Acquires Skyhive, The Emergence of Talking AI Assistants

This week, coming off our amazing Irresistible 2024 conference, I recap what we learned and discuss the evolution of enterprise talent intelligence. I explain the Skyhive-Cornerstone deal, update you on SAP and Workday’s AI efforts, and give you a preview of what’s going to happen as we get our hands on OpenAI GPT4o (Omni).

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Galileo™ Goes Live, Expands Its Power With New Trusted Content

Today Galileo™, The World’s Expert AI Assistant for HR, is generally available. After a year of development and testing, we’ve integrated more than 25 years of our research, tools, case studies, and vendor profiles into the world’s most easy-to-use, compelling, AI-powered assistant for HR.

Today more than 10,000 HR professionals are using Galileo, representing ... Read more»

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Yes, AI Is Even Smarter And More Disruptive Than We Thought

Is Google’s search monopoly over? In this podcast I give you some striking insights we’ve learned from our Galileo rollout, and explain how AI is about to radically change the HR Tech and consumer landscape. It’s not as scary as it seems, but it’s clear to me that HR Tech vendors, analytics experts, and all ... Read more»

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Our 15 Predictions for Work, Technology, and HR in 2024

In this podcast I tell the narrative for the 2024 predictions, and why labor shortages, productivity, and dynamic organization models will become core topics this year. I also discuss the new role of DEI, employee activation, labor unions, and what we can expect in the economy. The 15 predictions are all imperatives and our new ... Read more»

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Understanding The Knowledge Graph Of HR: Galileo™ AI Unveiled

This week I want to give you some insights on AI, the use of LLM’s, and how to think about a “knowledge graph” for your company, and how it applies to HR.

Yes, your AI strategy, your employee experience strategy, and your own career as a professional are all dependent on your “Knowledge Graph.”  In ... Read more»

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What Is The Role Of An Expert In The Age Of AI?

I bet you’re an expert at something. We all are. But how will it feel when a Generative AI becomes deeper and more expert than we are?

In this podcast I describe what an “Expert” really is, and why Gen AI has the potential to totally change the market for Experts: not only HR consultants, ... Read more»