US Employment Update: Not Out of the Woods Yet

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  1. I also believe that there is another reason we are seeing growing numbers of people looking for jobs in healthcare and education and fewer people looking for jobs in the business sector. There is a growing focus on work-life balance in our society and many people have the impression that jobs in healthcare, education, and government will provide them with more opportunities to find this balance. I think that the business sector needs to optimize their positions and take a hard look at how they are treating employees in order to both maximmize talent and keep it.

    • joshbersin says:

      Excellent point Jennifer. By no means was I trying to downplay the importance of healthcare, education, and government as important work in our country. We wouldn’t have a country without these industries! My only point is that the economy has shifted quite radically in this direction, and other sectors of the country are likely to come roaring back next year.

  2. Mary - County Govt HRIS says:

    I’d like you to expand on you comment “I am not sure how local governments increased employment when they are among the worst hit of all industry sectors,..” I work in LG (not in CA) and what we are seeing is better candidate pools – both in size and quality, and we certainly have a better opportunity to fill our ‘hard to fill’ positions. I had thought this was phenomena of people looking for a perceived ‘safe haven’ in a time of uncertainty, rather than a new and burning desire for public service, and that these folks may well bail quickly once the market improves. What say you?

    • joshbersin says:

      Hi Mary. I have to agree. Right now the tremendous lack of opportunities has led many high-performers to look for work in the government. This, coupled with a new sense of “contributing to the public good” in the country is creating a much greater opportunity for you to hire great people. Even when the economy does pick up (which seems to be several quarters away), people will be forever changed by this recession – and I think many people will look at government work more favorably than ever. Your post was very helpful, thank you for contributing.

  3. I know that when we attempted to move to Nevada we were told the only jobs were for teachers and nurses. That would support what you stated about the increased numbers in those fields.