How SaaS-y is your HR software vendor? What does SaaS mean to you?

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  1. Mike E. says:

    Well written article. Most aren’t.
    The LMS example you mention above (my guess follows) is because the vendor did not have a desire to maintain backward compatibility. You cannot get away with that “so what?” attitude with an SaaS, at least – not if you plan on keeping your customers. Whenever I get a Q, I try to respond within 10 minutes, with the assumption being that they need a knowledgeable response immediately.

  2. Erin Maccabe says:

    Indeed insightful read. SaaS is now being used for HR and accounting purposes and is found to be really helpful. Like, you can generate payroll of whatever number of employees you have in just a few clicks! Checking attendance and biometrics is not that much of a work as well. SaaS continues to evolve and be useful in different office tasks your company have. —