SuccessFactors Rebrands Itself Business Execution Software

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  1. There are so many great points in this posting. I particularly liked

    “The really hard part of business execution is not “telling people what to do,” but helping them succeed at doing it.”


    “the biggest issues in “business execution” is not just helping people accomplish their goals, but making sure the “right person” is in the “right job” at all times.”

    I also think its great that SuccessFactors is putting a spotlight on the tie between talent management and business execution, but let’s take a look at what they actually announced. They called this ““perhaps the most important milestone in SuccessFactors history” and then claimed that they had just expanded their market by $20 billion. What they actually announced was a couple of dashboards, some services programs and a handful of new partnerships.

  2. Charles Feyt says:

    Hi Josh. I enjoy your column. As former “Big 8/ Big Five” consultants with Deloitte, McKinsey & Accenture, we have worked a vast number of talent management, business execution, Change Management & HR software projects. We were frustrated by the lack of linkage in change management attempts between detailed business activities specific to a client, with work-styles and skills that would allow you to make accurate and informed decisions and measure cost improvements resulting from team execution alignment. We only found very generic applications that did not look at all three areas (Activity, Work-style & Skill from both individual as well as team and process views) in an integrated way, in a simple, easy to apply tool that allows for re-use of the data to build organizational intelligence regarding execution capability. We don’t feel automating the goal process is sufficient to achieving business execution – aligning the right individuals and teams on the right activities has given us better results.

  3. Melanie Long says:

    does anyone know a website or tutorial about business management ?*’: