From E-Learning to We-Learning

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  1. Gary Spirer says:

    Great Article – its very true that we need to embrace “we-learning” as Corporate training is and continues to be a growth area.

  2. Very insightful and relevant article underscoring the need for learning practitioners to become learning specialists – focusing on “the science of learning” and the new wave of learning needs.

  3. anupam nair says:

    Awesome article…very insightful and to the point. Im based in dubai and would want to read your book on Blended Learning. wonder why but most of these websites either dont except uae credit cards or dont deliver…

  4. Brian Higgins says:

    Interesting. Like the traditional news organizations which have been affected by Blogs and other web-based forms of “news reporting” I do wonder about the whole social network or “we-learning” that trendy companies are jumping on the band wagon about. It seems to me that although there is an advantage of speed and a 24-7 nature of news on the web, it is also fraught with highly suspect content and the need to wade through endless, poorly written blather to find a useful piece of info.
    Frankly I find social networking a waste of my time, but if someone can show me a benefit, I am open to it.

  5. Vijayrajput says:

    What A gr8 article……….Very insightful.

  6. R.S.Parmar says:

    awesome article