What Is Meta Anyway? My Thoughts On Facebook’s Big Announcement.

What Is Meta Anyway? My Thoughts On Facebook’s Big Announcement.

Josh Bersin
Josh Bersin
What Is Meta Anyway? My Thoughts On Facebook's Big Announcement.

Facebook’s rebrand to Meta is even bigger than you think. Here are my perspectives on this deal, along with some discussion about Nextdoor, DAOs, STRIVR, Mursion, and why I think Facebook is missing a big opportunity. This is a risky move for the company, and it may take them away from the biggest opportunity they have – fixing the existing business we all know.

And also, that Facebook sees the Metaverse as a massive advertising strategy, learning more about you as a consumer than you ever wanted them to know.

“Let’s not build the Metaverse with the plan to help other Platforms accumulate and retain consumers,” Rubin wrote. “Let’s build the Metaverse to keep them from being in the VR business in a meaningful way at all.”

“Revenue would also come from ads, the market Facebook knows best. Rubin imagines Coca-Cola paying for prime placement of a pavilion, Ford paying for its virtual cars to be usable or Procter & Gamble promoting its brands on digital billboards. Gucci could open a virtual store and Comcast (owner of CNBC parent NBCUniversal) would pay for “a giant sign that says, ‘Comcast: Get Better MetaSpeed!’”

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Definitions of Meta

Making or showing awareness of reference to oneself or to the activity that is taking place, especially in an ironic or comic way.

One definition of this Greek word is transcending or going above and beyond. In the computer field, it defines things that embrace more than usual. For example, a metafile contains all types of data. Meta-data describes other data. See metafilemetadata, and meta tag.

Going beyond or higher, transcending. Metalinguistics, metacriticism.