What Does World-Class HR Look Like?

What Does World-Class HR Look Like?

Josh Bersin
Josh Bersin
What Does World-Class HR Look Like?

In this podcast, I share the eight key strategies to building a World-Class HR function, and also explain why this is a Journey, not a “project.” I also describe the 14 “Tribes” of HR and give you a little detail on how we build our HR Capability Project.

The eight strategies are:

  1. Professionalizing each role – focus on competence, goals, technology enablement, data
  2. Clear service delivery model – creating service centers, solution centers, employee self-service, and automation
  3. Design and innovation – creating design skills, product management skills, and iterative development in HR
  4. Professional development – implementing job rotation, an HR Academy, external voices, and business acumen
  5. Technology focus – creating HR Tech competence, architecture, market savvy, and close relationship with IT
  6. Employee experience – understanding roles, journeys, transitions, wellbeing, DEI, and all aspects of employee productivity
  7. COE optimization – having very strong world-class COEs in talent acquisition, development and mobility, rewards, talent, analytics
  8. Operating at a team – creating an integrated HR strategy, making sure people know each other, help each other, and rotate within and in and out of HR.

In the podcast, I also describe how our research now proves that “highly capable HR teams” directly correlate with the financial, talent, and customer performance in their respective business units.

This is a journey, and I hope this podcast helps you see the roadmap.


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