Video Predictions for HR in the Coming Year: #1-5

These predictions were recorded in the summer of 2014 and discuss our top 10 predictions for HR, talent, and learning in the coming year. For more details please download our 2014 Predictions Report.  Thanks to SuccessFactors for producing these videos.


Prediction 1:  Global Skills Gaps and Talent Networks Will Reshape HR

Prediction 2:  Integrated Capability Development will Replace Traditional Training

Prediction 3:  A Mad Rush to Redesign Performance Management and Appraisals

Prediction 4:  Employee Engagement Will Be Totally Redefined

Prediction 5:  Take Talent Mobility and Career Development Seriously


3 Responses

  1. @Spidergap says:

    Really great videos!

    I particularly liked #3 – redesigning performance appraisals. It definitely feels like organizations are realizing that they need to focus on the individual & supporting them in developing, rather than ranking & scoring of employees.

    Thanks Josh,