Simplify: The Decluttering of Human Resources

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  1. Megan Rene Burkett says:

    Josh, I read many of your articles and deeply appreciate your insight and expertise. Thank you for sharing! I work with primarily small to medium companies and the greater challenge lies in equipping them with an understanding of the value of HR and talent management and its direct impact on business objectives and P&L. Working with a national HR tech organization and focusing on the Midwest region provides a amazing opportunity for me to raise awareness but I am concerned about how this lack of knowledge impacts small to medium sized businesses. Have there been studies regarding this subject?

    • Josh Bersin says:

      Hi Megan, not enough has been done for mid-market companies. We’re launching a high level free MOOC course next week on Udemy which may help a little bit. Would you like to talk more about how I may be able to help your organization or mid-market companies in general?

      • Megan Rene Burkett says:

        Josh, thank you for the quick response. With more than 2/3 of job creation coming from small to mid-size businesses and the continual growth of startups it is certainly an area in need of attention. I would love to check out the Udemy MOOC and have a follow up conversation to learn more about the future of this market from your perspective. Best way to connect?

  2. Amy says:

    A great solution to track competencies, skills and talent in your organization is – try the private beta for free.

  3. Eduardo says:

    Greetings Josh. You raise the question: “How do we implement an employee communications program that gets people engaged, encourages feedback, and is both fun and non-intrusive?”

    In response, please let me know if we can go through this intuitive+interactive platform. I’ve set it up based on your employee engagement papers, formerly published:

  4. Alex Howland says:

    Thanks Josh. How do we simplify talent analytic initiatives for HR personnel? It seems like HR data is collected and often stored in silos (recruitment, selection/assessment, performance mgt, engagement, turnover, etc.). Understanding how selection processes predict to performance outcomes seems daunting from a data management perspective, never mind from making sure there is someone (or a team) to analyze the data once cleaned. Is there software out there that currently exists to help break these data-silos down, conduct predictive analytics, and provide results in an “easy to understand” format?

    • Josh Bersin says:

      Hi Alex, this is the holy grail for all the new analytics modules being launched by Workday, SAP, Oracle, CornerstoneOnDemand, Ultimate Software, and other talent management providers. I’d say they’re all getting closer every day, but there is no “gorilla” in the market yet, and nobody has done this well from a third party standpoint. I’d recommend you look at Visier as a best of breed non-ERP analytics company that can bring all this data together and add a lot of value-add analytics and even some predictive modeling.

      • Alex Howland says:

        Josh, thanks for sharing Visier, as I had not heard of them. They look promising. I would agree that the other big players haven’t really figured it out yet. It will be interesting to see if one of these companies becomes the “gorilla” or if it will be a new player who is agile enough and innovative enough to figure it out. There is certainly opportunity.