HR Technology: The Investor’s Perspective. Conversation w/Nari Ansari

HR Technology: The Investor’s Perspective. Conversation w/Nari Ansari

Josh Bersin
Josh Bersin
HR Technology: The Investor's Perspective. Conversation w/Nari Ansari

In this episode, I talked with Nari Ansari, one of the general partners at TCV. We talked about lots of important topics in the HR Tech market, including:

  • What makes HR Tech companies successful over the long run?
  • How does TCV pick winners like LinkedIn, Facebook, HireVue, Perceptyx, and others?
  • Why are sales and marketing so vitally important in the HR space?
  • What should you do when the company struggles and what happens when you’re in the “cold part of the pool?”
  • How should CEOs and entrepreneurs think about big fundraises vs. a series of small raises?
  • Should you go deep or wide with your product strategy?
  • When should you sell out to a bigger vendor?
  • What consulting services are important sources of revenue?

Some of the resources to look at include:

HR Tech Companies: Is Raising More Money Always A Good Thing?

Cornerstone Goes Private: It’s All About Growth

PS: If you’re a budding new board member, angel investor, or entrepreneur please listen in. You’ll learn a lot.


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