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Trailblazer HR Technology Vendors: STRIVR Labs, Seekout, Sana Labs, HiBob, Rippling, ServiceNow

In this podcast I briefly discuss the Trailblazer HR Technology vendors STRIVR, Seekout, Sana Labs, HiBob, Rippling, and ServiceNow. These are vendors who are pioneering the use of AI or other innovative technologies; they are big and well enough established to be a safe buy; and they are platforms and tools that have been proven ... Read more»

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The HR Technology Trailblazers: How AI Is Disrupting This Market

This week I’m kicking off a series of podcasts and articles on the HR Tech “Trailblazers,” vendors who are pioneering the use of AI to revolutionize HR, the workplace, and management.

As you’ll hear me explain, AI is going to totally revolutionize the HR and workplace technology market, and some vendors are now showing us ... Read more»

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You Have More Than 80 Different HR Technology Systems? Wow. What To Do?

This week I want to talk about the problem of proliferating HR Tech platforms in companies. It’s not a simple problem, but it really is everywhere. The average large company has 80+ HR tools and many global companies have twice that. Why is this taking place and what can you do? And how will AI ... Read more»

The Next Generation Of HR Software Has Arrived, Finally.

HR software makes up one of the largest technology markets in the world. By our estimate this is a $250 billion market, consisting of payroll systems, core HR platforms, recruiting, training, benefits, and hundreds of other applications. And over the last five years, as companies have adapted to hybrid work and the pandemic, the market ... Read more»

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AI Deep Dive: Three Generations Of HR Tech AI Solutions In The Market

In this podcast I explain how Large Language Models and neural networks are reinventing the HR Technology market. After more than 30 in-depth interviews with HR Tech vendors, we see three generations of AI solutions:

  • Emerging: AI features added on
  • First Generation: AI capabilities built-in
  • Second Generation: Platforms built on AI

As I discuss in ... Read more»

How AI Is Disrupting The HR Tech Marketplace

I just completed more than 20 in-depth interviews with HR Technology vendors to understand their AI strategies. And as I describe in the video below, I believe the results will be dramatic. Not only are vendors reinventing their offerings, new AI-centric systems have a completely different architecture, user interface, and design.

While it’s still ... Read more»

The Role Of Generative AI And Large Language Models in HR

Human Resources is one of the most complex, imperfect areas of business. Virtually every decision we make about people (who to hire, who to promote, how much to pay someone, how to develop someone) is based on judgment, experience, personal bias, and some amount of data. And since well over 50% of all corporate spending ... Read more»

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Recap of HR Tech Conferences, GWI Launch, And My New Book Irresistible

This podcast is a quick overview of all these topics, following my week at the largest HR Tech conference in the world.  As you’ll hear, the HR Tech world is doing fine, and I decompose what’s going on in core HR, skills technology, recruiting, M&A, and all sorts of other topics.

I also want you ... Read more»

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The HR Technology Market Can Be Brutal

In this podcast I discuss the huge, exciting, and brutally competitive market for HR Technology. With the big conference coming up soon, I wanted to give you a sense of how complex this market can be, and how some vendors thrive and others fail to achieve their potential.

I list a lot of vendors here, ... Read more»