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How to Build a High-Impact Learning Organization? Participate now…

How do you build a high-impact learning organization?  As many of you know, it’s not as easy as it looks.

Back in 2008 we essentially wrote the book on this topic when we launched our extensive research on training teams, and published HILO, The High-Impact Learning Organization®.  That research has now been used by ... Read more»

Why I Hope to See You at IMPACT 2011, our Fourth Annual Research Conference

On April 26-28, in beautiful St. Petersburg Florida, we will be holding our fourth annual research conference, IMPACT 2011:  The Business of Talent. I would really encourage you to join us.

Here is why.

1.  This is the only conference in the talent management, training, and systems marketplace which is 100% focused on providing you ... Read more»

The Turnaround in L&D Spending: A Renaissance in Corporate Training

This week we introduced our 2011 Corporate Learning Factbook (a “must-read” for any HR or training leader).

This report, which we labor over each year, details spending on corporate training in the US and around the world. For the first time in nearly two years, corporate spend on training is growing – demonstrating business confidence ... Read more»

How People Learn: It Really Hasn’t Changed

Over the last several months I have been in many meetings with HR and L&D professionals talking about the enormous power of formalized informal learning. As we walk through out enterprise learning framework and talk with people about the need to expand their concept of training, I am reminded of the work we did back ... Read more»

Skillsoft goes Private. E-Learning Market has Matured.

Today Skillsoft announced that the company is being acquired by a private equity firm for approximately $1.1 billion.  This acquisition price reflects a 14% premium over the public share price and a price to sales ratio of 3.3, which is quite high for a company of this size.

Why did this private equity firm decide ... Read more»

From E-Learning to We-Learning

The corporate training industry is undergoing some major changes.  Over last few months we have been involved in many discussions with organizations about the tremendous needs to build, manage, and formalize their social and collaborative learning programs.   This is being driven by many factors:  the slowing economy, the “always-connected” nature of the workforce, and the ... Read more»

Modernize Corporate Training: The Enterprise Learning Framework

Over the last year or so we have talked with hundreds of companies about their desire to transform their corporate training programs to take advantage of social networking, knowledge management, communities of practice, and better models of blended learning. As we studied dozens of high performing training programs through our Learning Leaders® program, we ... Read more»

People not just Megawatts: The Vestas Story

In today’s new green (and red ink) economy, businesses all over the world are working hard to reduce operational expenses, restructure their workforce, and transform themselves into sustainable business models.  I think one of the most exciting examples of a company going through this transition is Vestas Wind Systems, the global leader in wind ... Read more»

Deep vs. Wide: The New Career Strategy

Times are tough.  Today we learned of another 590,000 jobs lost and that US unemployment rose to 7.6%.  We seem to be getting several emails each week from high powered HR or L&D professionals who have lost their positions at their favorite employers.  

I also speak regularly with top HR and L&D managers about their ... Read more»

Talent Management Challenges in the Federal Government

We have been doing a lot of research and work with the Federal Government in the area of talent management.  Let me share a few interesting findings.

The United States Federal government has more than 2,7 million employees, ranging in roles from secret service agents to financial analysts to IT specialists to scientists.   These people ... Read more»