A New Organizational Learning Model: Learning On-Demand

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  1. R.P.Singh says:

    Very informative.

  2. No question about the need for training on-demand. The problem is that conventional technologies based on logic and binary structures cannot deliver true n-ary, on-demand, interactive, interruptive training that conveys both theory and information. Once again, the alignment of technology and human reasoning are out of sync. Why? Logic requires self-consistency. Reason is open to both logic and value-based solutions. Logic can never reason with uncertainty because it requires self-consistency. Conventional technologies still need to calculate 2 + 2 to get an answer of 4 every time, over and over. It needs to do this to comply with its internal self-consistency. The chilling fact is that 99.9% of the worlds technology is based on 1st order logic. It’s time for a technology revolution. Furthermore, conventional programmers and programming tools are binary. This means that the vast majority of programmers still think like robots, and their development tools insure this. The training solution is far deeper than training itself.