Google for Jobs: Disrupting The $200 Billion Recruiting Market?

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  1. That could have some real impacts in the world of Compensation – namely the burdensome and inconsistent practice of matching jobs in order to benchmark them. Such a taxonomy, at the very minimum, could give Compensation teams a starting place from which to refine their competitive comparisons.

  2. gregsroche says:

    Agree with Chad. A company could simply submit its job descriptions and the salary data of the people in those jobs to Google, let the algorithm do the matching and then return the market data results for the organization. This could become the largest salary survey database with a consistent matching process. Then, by extension, the Compensation Bot can sit on top of it and when your managers want a salary survey, they can go to Google and interact with it. The bot can ask questions about the job they want to price and get market data for their job, location, and company. Basically, the comp analyst will have to become the comp consultant who then helps the manager work with the information that came back from the Bot to determine all the ways to communicate the data and how to use it with the candidate or employee.

  3. Rob McIntosh says:

    Josh – Clearly the best piece I have read on Google’s intent and approach to move into the space. Historically a major part of the problem lives within the ATS vendors themselves where the job description lives and is retrieved.
    Will be interesting to see if they embrace this approach or continue to develop functionality behind the walls of their own gardens to claim differentiation.

  4. Hi Josh, thanks for sharing this article. Google for Jobs will provide tons of benefits for job seekers, I’m sure. However, I find the changes for the recruiters and companies in the recruitment tech industry even more interesting. For starters, it will make it easier to place your job online, especially if you have an ATS like Recruitee. It will demand users to write better job descriptions. We’ve written an article about how we think Google for Jobs can be a benefit for your company:

    I would love to hear your thoughts!