Google for Jobs: Disrupting The Recruiting Market?

2 Responses

  1. John Douglas Halve says:

    As a technical recruiter, I agree that my “bread and butter” is based on the horrible ATS and Job Posting systems, which in concept should be effective but in reality only bog the process down. I can find two to four pre-qualified candidates in my metro market simply by tapping into my network of active and passive candidates as well as people I have placed. The other obstacle that would make sense is to re-invent the way job descriptions are written. Most are recycled and misunderstood by HR recruiters. Especially in IT. They need to be current and relevant language and realistic levels of experience based on specific technology. For example a Cloud Infrastructure specialist is NOT likely to have 10 years of experience. Also, Windows 2000 is not a relevant experience to include is a description. Highly unlikely still in use. Shorter and more precise and easily identified as something a candidate CAN do.

    • Martin Gainty says:

      i agree..a recent ITT India graduate doesnt have 10 years experience in anything. Those CS grads who have over 30 years experience maybe a bit lackluster on social-media..Fit the right person to the right job..keep the extroverts in sales-marketing or management where they can talk to they’re blue in the face and someone will listen. keep the introverts in engineering where they feel most comfortable
      Great Insight BTW