Learning and Talent Management in Europe

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  1. Tak Kusano says:

    Hi Josh, thanks for this. I think Bersin does great work. Re: other regions outside the US and Europe, I think you’ll also find different countries/regions in Asia to be at various stages of maturity for Talent Mgmt. ASEAN seems to be looking at TM more proactively whereas countries like Japan are still behind the curve when it comes to establishing formal business processes to support TM. I also think many Asian-based companies are focused on designing locally and implementing locally first – they’re not ready for global design yet.

  2. Ahmed Limam says:

    Be careful not to extrapolate from the UK. The UK market is in many ways closer to the US than it is to the “Continent.” A common mistake that many US companies make when they expand abroad is to establish a presence in the UK, localize their product for it and think that, voila!, they are European. It’s more significant to be based out of France or Germany in order be at the heart of Europe.

  3. Don Candon says:

    Geat artice. Would appreciate a copy of your keynote slides.
    Cheers, Don

  4. Roopa says:

    Great Article ! i loved the 3 points you have given for the success of al global L&D roll out, very pertinent especially in organisations which are multinational but with decentralised opeartions. The local buy in and adaptation is extremely critical to the success of the program. In india what i have experienced is that the traditional “e learning ” methodology of 30-40 mts learning pieces has been very difficult to implement and people respond much better to more informal and interactive methods like blogs, smaller bite sized online learning modules, discussion forums etc