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Why Businesses Must Focus On Inclusion And Diversity, Especially Now

In this podcast I draw the line from cancel culture to Israel to DEI to business performance. And the argument I make is that despite the challenges we face in the political and culture wars, we, in business, have to do away with these behaviors and focus on building a meritocracy, a culture of open, ... Read more»

US Supreme Court Affirmative Action Impacts DEI

Diversity Programs Become A Political Football: Why This Could Be Positive

The US Supreme Court decision to ban Affirmative Action in schools kicked off a shouting match among politicians, focused on applying the ruling to corporate diversity (DEI) programs. And whatever position you take politically, I think this activity will make DEI strategies an even higher priority.

First let’s be clear about the issue. While people ... Read more»

Elevating Equity and Diversity: The Challenge Of The Decade

This week we launch a year-long study of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs in business and the results are disappointing. After billions of dollars invested in DEI training, tools, tech, and HR strategies, we haven’t moved the needle very far. In some respects, we’ve come a long way, but as our research discovered, only ... Read more»