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What Is The Role Of An Expert In The Age Of AI?

I bet you’re an expert at something. We all are. But how will it feel when a Generative AI becomes deeper and more expert than we are?

In this podcast I describe what an “Expert” really is, and why Gen AI has the potential to totally change the market for Experts: not only HR consultants, ... Read more»

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Trailblazer HR Technology Vendors: STRIVR Labs, Seekout, Sana Labs, HiBob, Rippling, ServiceNow

In this podcast I briefly discuss the Trailblazer HR Technology vendors STRIVR, Seekout, Sana Labs, HiBob, Rippling, and ServiceNow. These are vendors who are pioneering the use of AI or other innovative technologies; they are big and well enough established to be a safe buy; and they are platforms and tools that have been proven ... Read more»

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Unleash Paris 2023: The Skills HR Tech Confusion. Trailblazers: Docebo, Arist, Cornerstone

In this podcast, authored in Paris at Unleash, I discuss the confusion about skills technology and how to rethink your skills strategy. I also discuss AI #Trailblazers Docebo, Arist, & Cornerstone…. and I preview some very important c-level research we launched, “The Dynamic Organization.”

Additional Information

The Definitive Guide To Building A Dynamic Organization – ... Read more»

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The HR Technology Trailblazers: How AI Is Disrupting This Market

This week I’m kicking off a series of podcasts and articles on the HR Tech “Trailblazers,” vendors who are pioneering the use of AI to revolutionize HR, the workplace, and management.

As you’ll hear me explain, AI is going to totally revolutionize the HR and workplace technology market, and some vendors are now showing us ... Read more»

SAP Successfactors AI powered HCM platform

SuccessFactors Delivers on HXM and The Promise of AI

SAP SuccessFactors, the largest HCM vendor in the market, has now delivered on their long-range promise of rethinking the way HR systems work. It has been a long and winding journey, but this week the company arrived in a very special place.

A Short History

The history of SAP’s HR software is complex. The company ... Read more»

LinkedIn Launches Exciting Gen AI Features in Recruiter and Learning

This week LinkedIn announced some massive Gen AI features in its two flagship products: LinkedIn Recruiter and LinkedIn Learning. Let me give you an overview.

Let me start with LinkedIn Learning.

As you know, learning is a complex process. Employees want to ask questions, jump around from topic to topic, and get advice on what ... Read more»

Here Comes “Workday AI”

Today at the Rising conference Workday introduced a range of new generative AI features, all described as “Workday AI.” This is part of a major trend: enterprise software companies adding Gen AI features to their products.

The first message from Workday is that the company has been doing AI and machine learning for quite ... Read more»

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What’s Up With The UAW Strike? And What Are The Real Costs of AI?

In this podcast I discuss the ongoing UAW strike and why it feels strangely out of sync with the economy, EV revolution, growth of Tesla, and emergence of AI. And I also give you my experience with the “true costs” of AI, which you have to reflect in your rosy expectations for productivity. Also some ... Read more»

PagerDuty HR Hackathon in Generative AI

Confused About Generative AI in HR? Here’s How To Run A Hackathon!

As I’ve talked about for months, Generative AI is like a swiss army knife that seems to be capable of anything. But once you get these LLMs into practice, you find out they have to be built, adjusted, and architected into solutions. In other words, we won’t suddenly see the productivity benefits of AI unless ... Read more»

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You Have More Than 80 Different HR Technology Systems? Wow. What To Do?

This week I want to talk about the problem of proliferating HR Tech platforms in companies. It’s not a simple problem, but it really is everywhere. The average large company has 80+ HR tools and many global companies have twice that. Why is this taking place and what can you do? And how will AI ... Read more»

The Role Of Generative AI In HR Is Now Becoming Clear

We now know that Generative AI will play a transformational role in Human Resources. And while many companies are embarking on pilots, hackathons, and “promptathons,” I want to share what we’ve learned. (For an in-depth report on AI in HR please read our Deep Dive on AI in HR research.)

HR Is An Integrated Operating ... Read more»

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Generative AI Is A Massive Playground For Business

We just finished five weeks of in-depth discussions with companies about their Gen AI projects and it’s pretty amazing. Lots of playing around, pilots, experiments, and fears. In this podcast I describe what we’ve learned and give you lots of insights on how these systems work, how they will become “IT projects” pretty quickly, and ... Read more»

Welcome To The Post-Industrial Economy: AI Is Here To Save Us

This week we published my keynote speech from Irresistible 2023, and I encourage you to watch it. Here’s the story in brief, and I’ll be talking a lot more about this at the HR Technology Conference and Unleash 2023 conferences in October.


The Post-Industrial Economy

Business leaders are confronting a world of opportunity ... Read more»