Introducing Galileo™, The World’s First AI-Powered Expert Assistant For HR

As many of you know, HR professionals play a vital, complex, and constantly changing role in business. These 30 million professionals hold more than 250 job roles and leverage over 400 skills to help companies with all aspects of management: recruiting, development, leadership, coaching, diversity, pay, benefits, hybrid work, and more. And they must also select and implement a wide array of technologies and tools to help their companies grow.

The Josh Bersin Company, through 25 years of research and interviews with thousands of companies and vendors, has amassed the most trusted library of best-practices, vendor information, benchmarks, case studies, and professional development tools for HR.

Last Spring we embarked on a project to build an “HR Copilot”, consolidating our content into a Generative AI platform. The results were amazing: using Gen AI we were able to build an amazing new experience: users can ask questions, compare vendors, dig into solutions, and generate implementation plans, RFP templates, and more.

Today, in our ongoing effort to help HR professionals drive value for their companies, we’re ready to launch this offering. I’m excited to introduce Galileo™, the world’s first AI-powered expert assistant for HR. (Join the waitlist.)

Every HR Question Answered

Just as Galileo mapped the heavens to explain the universe, our Galileo™ gives HR teams the ability to understand, learn, and seek out best-practices in every area of HR. Powered by Sana’s AI platform, Galileo™ gives users complete access to all of The Josh Bersin Company’s comprehensive research, articles, and tools. And unlike internet-based AI tools, Galileo is free of promotional material, giving you trusted, detailed, verifiable accurate information.

We designed Galileo™ to be the HR professional’s ‘always-on’ resource to learn, ask questions, and develop solutions.

Galileo™ can answer questions on hundreds of topics, provide detailed information on vendors and HR technology, draft RFPs and implementation plans, and give users guidance, case studies, and benchmarks. All of the Josh Bersin Company research is instantly available, with access to in-depth reports, podcasts, articles, and courses. This includes access to our maturity models, frameworks, case studies, and our new definition of terms, The Josh Bersin Company Lexicon™.

Galileo™ will revolutionize the way HR Professionals do their jobs. No longer will you have to guess how to develop a new program or understand a vendor – accurate information is available at your fingertips.

Galileo Is A Learning, Design, And Problem Solving Assistant

Many HR problems are complex. To make problem-solving easy, Galileo includes a library of more than 50 pre-defined “prompts” which help professionals with topics like hiring, onboarding, performance management, training, and multi-disciplinary topics like building a skills taxonomy, implementing pay equity, workforce planning, or designing a capability academy.

We designed these prompts in chains, so as you ask a question, Galileo will take you down a path to learn, explore, and further assist you in your query. (The Galileo Getting Started Guide shows you some of the solutions available.)

Enterprise Ready: Galileo Is Your Company’s Expert Assistant

And there’s more. As you use Galileo, you will want to put your own HR policies and internal information into the system. Thanks to the architecture of Sana, Galileo lets users and teams add your information to the corpus, turning Galileo into your company’s in-house HR and employee assistant. In this private workspace your data and privacy are protected: Galileo is an enterprise grade, secure platform that isolates your data from others, pre-trained by The Josh Bersin Company research.

And our partnership with Sana goes further. Not only does the Sana platform provide scale and speed, it lets us build multiple AI assistants. If you want an expert assistant tailored to specific HR disciplines, like Talent Acquisition, L&D, DEI, or line managers, we can create them without writing code.

“This is just the beginning,” said Josh Bersin, CEO and Founder of The Josh Bersin Company. “This paradigm-shattering offering will change the way companies run their HR organizations and manage their people, enabling any professional to operate like a world-class expert in a short period of time. Galileo is a supportive, developmental assistant, ready to give users detailed answers, real-world examples, and guidance at any time.”

Initially Galileo will be available to our corporate members and in May of 2024 we will announce general availability.

We want to thank Sana for their partnership and look forward to evolving Galileo rapidly in the coming months. Anyone interested in experiencing Galileo can sign up for the wait list. Stay tuned for our availability launch!



What Topics Are Covered by Galileo?

Galileo stores more than 50,000 pages of Josh Bersin Company research, including podcasts, articles, and comprehensive data and analysis on a wide variety of topics. These include talent acquisition, talent management, corporate training, diversity and inclusion, organization design, rewards and recognition, pay and pay equity, performance management, leadership development, global HR operations, hybrid work, culture, change management, and every major area of HR technology.

More than 500 vendors are covered by Galileo and the database is growing and updated every week. Over time Galileo will also include real-time information on new vendor offerings, the labor market, skills and capabilities, and important regulatory changes in HR.

To get just a glimpse of what Galileo can do, review the “Galileo Getting Started Guide.”

Is Galileo Generative AI?

Yes, Galileo is an advanced Generative AI solution that lets users ask questions and prompt the system to compare vendors, list best practices, and even create implementation plans, historical perspectives, and in-depth analysis. This means an HR professional can ask any simple question and Galileo will not only answer the question but give the user follow-on prompts to help them learn more, find examples, or download detailed reports, articles, podcasts, or tools.

What Is The Research and Information Provided?

Over the last three decades The Josh Bersin Company has studied nearly every domain of HR, developing in-depth maturity models, frameworks, benchmarks, and case studies. We have also added all of Josh’s blogs, podcasts, and videos – and we will be adding much more. While Galileo does not include legal and regulatory guidelines (these can be discovered in local jurisdictional systems), it covers every major domain of HR, empowering any HR leader or professional to quickly learn, find examples, and solve a problem.

How Do We Know Galileo Information Is Accurate?

Unlike public domain tools, Galileo is trained exclusively on The Josh Bersin Company’s large corpus of information and research. This means it does not suffer from the “AI drift” problem experienced by internet-sourced systems. In fact the opposite is true: as users query and use the system, it enables them to rate the generated answers and get smarter over time.

How Do I Know That Galileo Is Secure?

Galileo does not train any underlying language models on user input, thereby eliminating the risk of data leakage. Sana, which powers Galileo, is single tenant, ISO 27001 certified, and GDPR compliant. All data is encrypted at rest with AES 256 and in transit with TLS 1.2+. The platform follows data privacy regulations and guidelines to protect each individual user.

Can I Use Galileo To Create My Own HR Assistant?

Yes, Galileo is built on the highly configurable Sana platform, enabling users and teams to add their own content and create new  AI assistants. We will offer these private workspace features to corporate clients and then roll them out to individual JBA members later in 2024.

How does Galileo Differ From Other AI Tools?

Many companies are experimenting with Generative AI through public internet tools. Galileo differs from these existing AI tools for the following reasons:

  • Enterprise Scale, Scope, and Security. Galileo is built on an enterprise scale AI platform capable of loading massive volumes of your own company information. This means you can build on the Josh Bersin Company corpus to safely add your own processes, training, compliance documents, and support material for HR professionals and other users throughout your company.
  • Depth of expertise. The answers and support you receive from Galileo are based on an extensive library from The Josh Bersin Company, one of the world’s leading advisory companies for corporate learning, talent management, and HR. The Josh Bersin Company has customized Galileo to answer and behave as if it were an expert consultant from their organization.
  • Source attribution. While other AI chat tools don’t consistently back up their answers, Galileo attributes sources to each answer with specific references and further learning content from The Josh Bersin Company library. And for corporate members, you can download and read the detailed sources.
  • Privacy. While other assistants may get trained on your data and usage, risking data leakage, Galileo lets you upload your own content without training any underlying large language models on your data.
  • Workflow support. Beyond answering questions and brainstorming ideas, Galileo helps you solve day-to-day tasks like drafting implementation plans because it can generate content based on both expert HR resources and your organization’s information.

How Does Galileo Get Smarter Over Time?

As we say, Galileo is smart and always getting smarter. It does this through many features.

First, Galileo integrates, tags, transcribes, and indexes all of The Josh Bersin Company’s content on an ongoing basis, making sure the system is always trained on the latest research, findings, and vendor information. Every day we add new information.

Second, answers to questions are generated with retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), identifying the semantically relevant videos, audio, and texts, ranking the sources, and attributing the generated answers to the underlying references. We monitor questions and continuously improve results to provide detail and actionable answers.

Third, we take advantage of user-generated feedback. When users upvote or downvote answers the system learns to provide more accurate answers. The Bersin team works with Sana to improve the detailed answers in commonly asked questions. During the 9-month pilot we already optimized hundreds of questions.

Finally, we have developed “prompt chains” of more than 100 known use-cases in HR and management. Galileo literally prompts you to dive into a problem to learn more, explore vendors, read case studies, and learn best-practices. We will accelerate these solutions over time.

The Josh Bersin Company uses Sana AI’s assistant builder to tailor Galileo’s instructions, specifically adapted to various HR roles and tuned with hundreds of archetypical HR scenarios.

Who Is Sana and What is Sana AI?

Sana is an AI company transforming how organizations learn and access knowledge. Their end-to-end learning platform is trusted by hundreds and thousands of users at leading enterprises like Kry/Livi, Merck, and Svea Solar. Backed by top-tier investors, operators, and founders, they have raised over $80m to date. The company’s headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden, with offices in London and New York. Galileo is powered by Sana AI, the company’s newest product.

To learn more about Sana, go to

How Is Galileo Sold and Offered?

Initially Galileo is being offered to Josh Bersin Company Corporate Members, enabling these organizations to empower and support their HR teams in an exciting new way. These individuals can access all the information, download all materials, take courses, and share the tools and information with their teams.

In the coming months there will be a version of Galileo for members of The Josh Bersin Academy. We encourage anyone interested to register on our waitlist so that we can provide updates on availability.

How Do I Get Access To Galileo Now?

Please join our wait list, we are now rolling out Galileo to corporate members and look forward to supporting you.

For more information please review the Galileo Product Overview.