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Yes, AI Is Even Smarter And More Disruptive Than We Thought

Is Google’s search monopoly over? In this podcast I give you some striking insights we’ve learned from our Galileo rollout, and explain how AI is about to radically change the HR Tech and consumer landscape. It’s not as scary as it seems, but it’s clear to me that HR Tech vendors, analytics experts, and all ... Read more»

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Understanding The Knowledge Graph Of HR: Galileo™ AI Unveiled

This week I want to give you some insights on AI, the use of LLM’s, and how to think about a “knowledge graph” for your company, and how it applies to HR.

Yes, your AI strategy, your employee experience strategy, and your own career as a professional are all dependent on your “Knowledge Graph.”  In ... Read more»

Introducing Galileo™, The World’s First AI-Powered Expert Assistant For HR

As many of you know, HR professionals play a vital, complex, and constantly changing role in business. These 30 million professionals hold more than 250 job roles and leverage over 400 skills to help companies with all aspects of management: recruiting, development, leadership, coaching, diversity, pay, benefits, hybrid work, and more. And they must also ... Read more»

Generative AI In Business: Huge Potential, Lots Of Playing Around

We just finished a five week sprint with 200+ clients on Generative AI and the excitement is overwhelming. There’s no question companies are going to adopt these Copilots, Assistants, and Chatbots like crazy. But it’s still not clear how, where, are with what technology. Here’s what we found out.

First, about a third of the ... Read more»

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From London: All About Talent Acquisition, And How AI Forces A Rethink Of User Experience

This week I’m podcasting from London and discuss my conversations with 50+ companies this week about talent acquisition and other important topics. We’re also two weeks into our summer sprint on AI and I share some of the stories we’re already hearing from HR professionals about how confusing this has become.  But there’s a method ... Read more»

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AI in Human Resources: Early Stories From Companies Around The World

We just finished a long call with more than 100 companies about their AI in HR strategies. Guess what – everyone is experimenting. While there are hundreds of use cases, most companies are starting task forces, looking for areas to focus, and realizing that the technology is amazing but also immature and very new. This ... Read more»

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What Did You Miss At Irresistible 2023? AI, Culture, Growth, and HR. Here’s The Recap.

Our Irresistible 2023 conference was not an event, it was an “experience.” In this podcast I summarize what went on, and give you the big highlights. Themes include Organizational Ingenuity, Productivity, AI (of course), Culture, and a big learning experience from our visit with the Netflix leadership team. Next year’s conference will be May 20-23, ... Read more»

The Next Generation Of HR Software Has Arrived, Finally.

HR software makes up one of the largest technology markets in the world. By our estimate this is a $250 billion market, consisting of payroll systems, core HR platforms, recruiting, training, benefits, and hundreds of other applications. And over the last five years, as companies have adapted to hybrid work and the pandemic, the market ... Read more»

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Remote Work Debates, 2nd Gen AI, Talent Scarcity, Long Times To Hire

This week’s podcast covers several topics:

  • The continuing debate about remote work, and why I believe it’s still a good option, despite CEOs who feel otherwise
  • My great conversation with Scott Galloway, discussing remote work and more
  • Why Amazon workers may walk out
  • Review of AI solutions from the ERP vendors and update on 2nd
... Read more»

The Rise Of The Copilots: Microsoft Steps Up The Pace

This week Microsoft unleashed a massive array of product announcements (50 in total) around the use of Copilots throughout our daily lives. And while we all may understand the idea, now these tools are real. And it’s clear to me that Microsoft has gotten their groove and is executing quickly with a laser focus.

While ... Read more»

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AI Deep Dive: Three Generations Of HR Tech AI Solutions In The Market

In this podcast I explain how Large Language Models and neural networks are reinventing the HR Technology market. After more than 30 in-depth interviews with HR Tech vendors, we see three generations of AI solutions:

  • Emerging: AI features added on
  • First Generation: AI capabilities built-in
  • Second Generation: Platforms built on AI

As I discuss in ... Read more»