Microsoft Gets Aggressive With Viva Pricing

Last week something pretty significant was announced at Microsoft Ignite. The company announced pricing for Microsoft Viva, and it appears to be very aggressive.

You can license all the Microsoft Viva modules (Connections, Learning, Insights, and Topics) for only $12 per user per month, currently discounted to $9 per user per month. And this means the $9 price could possibly continue.

This is really going to change the HR Tech market.

Just so you understand, these modules include the following:

  • Viva Learning is a new Learning Experience Platform integrated into Microsoft Teams, and every major content provider is already supporting it.
  • Viva Connections is an entire system for building employee portals and mobile apps, and vendors like Workday have already built deep integrations.
  • Viva Insights is an entire system for workforce analytics, wellbeing, and team management that gives you tools to make your hybrid life better.
  • Viva Topics is a knowledge management and indexing system that lets you index, find, and recommend experts, documents, and other assets coupled with Viva Learning.

And the new offering is a goal management system that competes with OKR and performance management tools that will likely be rebranded Viva Goals (I’m guessing) sometime in the coming months.

Yes, all these products are new. But Microsoft is dead serious about this market and from the product roadmaps and demos I have seen, this will really disrupt the HR Tech market.

(PS We use Teams and Microsoft internally and these products really do work together well.)

More to come – if you’re using Viva Learning or any of these modules and would like to talk, please contact us we’d like to hear how it’s going.

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