It’s Time To Reinvent Corporate Learning: Join Our New Research

If there’s anything that’s been transformed over the last two years, it’s corporate training. Companies are buying new tools, licensing new content, and building skills taxonomies, VR and AR programs, and experimenting with cohort-based learning and now learning in the flow of work.

For me, as an analyst who’s covered this market since 1998, I’ve never seen so much change. Not only is L&D massively important, but the overall rate of change is as fast as I have ever seen.

I believe a reinvention is taking place. The Corporate Universities of the last decade were replaced with digital learning academies of the last five years, soon to be replaced with learning in the flow of work, skills-based capability academies, and a new Metaverse of learning experiences. Already companies like STRIVR, Mursion, and Microsoft have delivered proven VR and AR solutions that drive more value than we ever thought possible.

We would like you to join us on this journey. We are now embarking on our largest ever study of the Corporate Learning landscape, and you can join us now. If you take the following survey, you will help us assess this new world of learning, and we will invite you to join us as we roll out the findings and “new reinvented learning model” in the coming months.

This is not only a big important survey: you are joining a crusade. I promise that if you participate in this research you will be invited to our events, our big conference next May, and lots of opportunities to learn, benchmark your organization and meet others.

Welcome to the new reinvention of corporate learning. The journey starts here!