For Techies, Remote Work Is Great. And Benefits Even Better Than We Thought.

Yesterday I read a fascinating study by Dice, one of the leading tech recruitment firms. Amazingly, despite all the talk about Zoom Fatigue and all the challenges with children, dogs, and family distractions at home, people LOVE remote work.

Look at the data. First, almost 2/3 of tech workers would prefer to work at home most of the time, and most of the others said their employers don’t fully support the remote culture. So the number is really higher.

Second, 17% of workers would take a 10% or more pay cut to work at home! Astounding.

Third, the main reason people want to work from home is that it’s easier, more relaxing, and less expensive!

But professionally, it’s also preferred because it’s more productive, energizing, and creative. Techies don’t like office politics and they don’t like being interrupted at work. Productivity? Companies tell us it’s skyrocketing.

In fact the Dice study even found that Work at Home is now the #1 driver of job satisfaction!

What does this tell you? 

You have to take remote work seriously.

I just had a call with one of the world’s leading Pharmaceutical companies and they told us they are now ready to create an entire “Future of Work” program around remote work, part-time work, flexible work, and contingent work. This is the new reality.

Two important references to look at:

  1. Join the JBA Remote Work Bootcamp that starts this week. Several thousand HR professionals will be learning with you and you’ll be able to learn all about the Tools, Rules, Norms, and Culture of remote work – and you’ll get access to our Remote Work Playbook as well. You get a whole year of learning for $250 or less. (And you’ll get to see my office and the home work environments of lots of your friends!)
  2. Read my recent research report on the Alternative Workforce. As I described last year, the Alternative Workforce just isn’t alternative anymore.

Times are changing, and it’s all for the best. Remote work is here, so let’s make it thrive for everyone.