The End of a Job as we Know It

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  1. Mike Brooks says:

    Josh, insightful as usual, thanks.

    Interesting that the VP of Talent Acquisition quoted as needing “Ruby on Rails Programmers with 5+ years of experience in Agile software development.”.

    (Clearly violating “4. They hire for values, innate skills, and fit, not for experience.”)

    It always puzzles me, requirement descriptions like that one.

    Why 5+? Why not 6+? Or 5.34+?

    I would think they really want is someone who can:
    Do what they need them to do.

    If a person has mastered those sets of skills in 3 years, great! Or 2, or 7. Whatever it’s taken, just so they have the skills.

    Along these lines, I recently saw an entry level marketing job that insisted the person had a college degree. Okay, so if Richard Branson walks in the door and says he really wants that job, you’re not going to give it to him?

  2. hibob says:

    Really great peace Josh, amazing in a world where we hear more and more about people’s transience and their ability to skim the surface, they actually need to have depth of experience in a role to succeed.