BersinBasics Pioneers a New Way to Learn the Fundamentals of Talent Management

We all know that talent management is a hot topic in business today.  SAP’s acquisition of SuccessFactors for $3.4 billion demonstrates how important this market is to businesses around the world.

But ultimately it isn’t software that drives business results: it’s the practices of talent management that matters.  Our research shows that companies which implement superior talent management programs are generating 26% higher revenues per employee and have 40% lower turnover.  So this stuff really matters.

So when companies design and roll out a new talent management program (or system), the most critical step they face is not implementing software, but teaching managers, executives, and the HR staff how best to set goals, coach people, assess leaders, screen candidates, create development plans, and implement dozens of other management practices which make companies great.

These practices are what we call The Fundamentals of Successful Talent Management – and today we are introducing a pioneering new offering that lets managers and HR teams learn these fundamentals quickly and effectively.   We call it BersinBasics®.

BersinBasics® has four components:  a new type of learning content, research, tools, and a new social learning platform.

1.  Fast, Engaging, Research-Based Content:  Today we are launching more than 100 new video learning modules, packaged in 3-5 minute bite-sized topics, designed to give managers and HR staff “just-in-time” learning.  These modules are all based on Bersin & Associates extensive best-practice research and designed to be fast, easy to absorb, and focused on an individual topic at a time. Users can quickly find just the topic they need, view the module, take a short exercise (if they wish), and get back to work.

The modules are arranged into six topic areas and 23 different learning tracks.  The six topics are:  Fundamentals of Performance Appraisals, Performance and Succession Management, Leadership Development Fundamentals, Coaching and Goal Management, Competency and Job Profiles, and Learning & Development Strategy.  Over the next year we will double the number of modules to over 200 and include topics like Candidate Assessment and Selection, Recruiting Process Fundamentals, and much more… all based on Bersin & Associates research, models, and case studies.  (There are modules on how managers can build a strong learning culture, for example.)

This is a whole new form of learning content.  Not only are the modules short and topic-based, they are designed using adult learning science: tell me, show me, let me try. Our pilot users (and we had over 20 large organizations involved in the pilot) told us that the modules are fast, easy to use, and very valuable.  With more than 600 completed modules during the pilot, nearly 95 % of the users told us they would immediately recommend the content to their organization or peers.

2.  Tools for Talent Management:  One of the important elements of management is having checklists, forms, and other tools to help you sit down and manage people.  We recently announced a wide set of tools (BersinTools®) available to our research members.  In BersinBasics we developed a set of simple, easy-to-use tools to help people learn the fundamentals, and these tools are bundled with the content and available in each learning track. These tools are designed to sit on your desk and help you do your job as a manager or HR professional.

3.  Selected Research and Case Studies:  The focus of BersinBasics is to teach The Fundamentals of Successful Talent Management® to line leaders and HR staff at all levels.  So we selected key case studies and bulletins from our vast research library, designed to help people dive into a topic in more detail and learn more. These selected research reports dive into detail on various topics and give you specific examples how other companies cascade goals, develop coaching models, assess people, and more.

4.  A New Social Learning Platform to make Learning Fast, Easy and Fun:  And fourth, we packaged up this large library of content and tools into a new social learning platform that lets you quickly find exactly what you want, view or download content, comment or rate content, and go back to your job.  The BersinBasics learning platform lets you upload your own organization’s content (your own performance appraisal forms, for example – or a video from your CEO) and arrange the content so that it is easy to use for your employees.  It includes gamification features like a points system, assessments, leaderboards, and even a visual map so you can see where in the world your peers are located.  Each user has their own profile and you can upload your photo and you can keep notes on your own learning, collaborate with others, view the progress of others in your organization, and track your own progress and results.

 Fig 1:  BersinBasics Topics and Tracks (more than 100 learning modules within these tracks)

Why This is An Important Announcement

We have been working on this product for over two years. During that time we have talked with hundreds of companies that tell us their line leaders, new managers, and HR generalists simply do not have the time or tools to learn talent management well.

Companies spend billions of dollars on supervisor training and leadership development, but still fewer than 25% of all line leaders feel fully capable of managing, leading, coaching, and developing their people well. The reason is not a lack of training – the problem is that successful practices are changing and people want fast, easy-to-use, on-the-job support to help them learn. This is what BersinBasics is designed to do: give new managers, line leaders, executives, and HR staff the “just-in-time” learning they need to keep up to date on new talent practices and apply them immediately on the job. And if you are in the process of rolling out new talent management software, the modules are designed to be packaged with the system to make your system even easier to use.

Most of you probably know Bersin & Associates as a research organization. And that is the core of what we do. But our mission is not just to produce research, but rather to empower HR, learning, and business leaders to drive bottom line impact in their organizations through best-practices in the management of people. BersinBasics gives you a new way to rapidly gain access to the treasure trove of research we have developed over the last ten years – and we hope you give it a try.

PS.  Join us for an introductory webinar and demo:  “The New Training Paradigm for Business Leaders and HR Generalists,” on January 25 at 2PM EST.