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The 2010 HR Technology Conference

Our mission as a research and advisory services company is to help organizations “dramatically improve their business performance through their talent, learning, and HR strategies, processes, and systems.”  

In this never-ending quest, we continuously find that one of the most challenging (and important) parts of building a modern, high-performing company is the implementation of well ... Read more»

Talent Management Systems: Market Update

The talent management systems market continues to grow and consolidate at the same time.   With a busy summer and lots of time spent on Learning Culture and other topics, I have not had time to talk about the talent management software space.  (I’m attaching our recently introduced “New” Talent Management Framework to help you understand ... Read more»

Why Salary.com Won the 2009 HR Technology Shootout

For the last two Octobers we have travelled to the HR Technology Conference to see four HR software providers show off their software in the Talent Management Shootout. While the Shootout is a relatively short event at 75 minutes (each vendor gets about a total of 10-15 minutes of demonstration time), there are often as ... Read more»