Inside Microsoft HR’s Skills Strategy: A Lesson In Innovation & Investment

Inside Microsoft HR’s Skills Strategy: A Lesson In Innovation & Investment

Josh Bersin
Josh Bersin
Inside Microsoft HR's Skills Strategy: A Lesson In Innovation & Investment

In this podcast I discuss Microsoft’s exciting new internal skills strategy, with a focus on Viva Skills, the role of the Microsoft Copilot, and how Microsoft is “inventing new products for HR” as Customer Zero. Customer Zero is Microsoft’s way of “eating their own dogfood” and making sure their new products are well designed before the hit the streets.

Video version of podcast:


  • Microsoft is a role model for HR, with an innovative and experimental approach.
  • They are leveraging the Microsoft Graph to gather skills and HR data for better decision-making.
  • Viva Skills and Eightfold are being used to build a skills infrastructure and provide personalized recommendations.
  • Microsoft is integrating AI agents like Galileo into the Microsoft Copilot, showcasing the importance of AI in HR.
  • Companies need to develop their own AI strategies to stay competitive in the evolving HR technology landscape.

00:00 Introduction to Microsoft and their HR Function
02:06 Building a Skills-Based Employee Experience
05:34 Challenges of Skills Platforms in HR Technology
10:38 Integrating AI Agents into Tools and Systems
15:36 The Significance of AI Technologies in HR Redesign

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