HR Technology 2021: A Definitive Guide

HR Technology 2021: A Definitive Guide details the HR technology market disruption driven by the pandemic, the shift to remote work, and the shift from systems of record to “systems of design.” The 100-page report provides actionable information to HR technology buyers, implementers, and investors. Download by completing the short form below.

The report describes the massive changes taking place in 13 different HR technology categories. As Josh Bersin describes throughout, technology vendors are scrambling to provide productive and personalized employee experiences; adapt to new job models and agile organization structures; and integrate with commonly used systems of productivity, such as Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, and Slack.

In addition, the report details how AI and chat-bot-driven systems are now mainstream, raising the bar for all technology vendors to build smarter systems than ever. New demands for wellbeing, remote work, embedded analytics, and video are also factoring into product strategies.

Other report highlights:

  • The growth of tools for organizational network analysis, as well as systems built on graph databases.
  • The use of AI to help with diverse hiring, pay equity, representational diversity, and overall fairness at work.
  • The emergence of skills inference and skills taxonomy tools to help companies identify skills in demand, skills gaps, and better ways to train employees.
  • How remote work and the emphasis on employee reskilling have impacted learning technology offerings and product strategies.
  • The shift in architecture from “systems of engagement” to “systems of design” and the importance of giving HR teams “creator tools” to design better experiences for workers.
  • Major mergers, acquisitions, and new product offerings in all HR tech categories, as well as the identification of up-and-coming market newcomers.