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People+Work Accenture

People+Work Connect: A Bold Idea, Powered by Accenture.

I am constantly inspired by the ingenuity of the business community. As more than 20 million Americans find themselves out of work, employers are going through a similar level of angst. One company needs to lay off or furlough thousands of restaurant, retail, or airline workers, while another needs to hire thousands of people ... Read more»


Can We Make Our Organizations Resilient? And Make Society Resilient As A Result?

One of the biggest surprises of the pandemic is how “brittle” our society has become. A single tiny virus has managed to upset our lives, our economies, and our society. Not only are we worried about our personal health, but our financial system is threatened and we are arguing about state vs. federal, voting practices, ... Read more»

Global COVID-19

The World Just Became More Local, And More Global Too

One of the most fascinating and controversial issues in the COVID-19 crisis is the balance between global and local control. And this brings the world of business performance and politics into conflict.

Thomas Piketty the famous economist has shown us that the economy was becoming “more local” over the last decade, and now politicians are ... Read more»

COVID_19 Pulse of HR

What Is HR Doing To Respond? Take The COVID-19 Pulse of HR Now.

The #1 question on everyone’s mind is “what’s happening now?” Today we are launching an important initiative with MIT and Sloan Management Review to give you real-time updates on “what companies are doing” to respond to COVID-19.

COVID-19 Pulse of HR

This fast, open-ended survey will let you desribe “what’s going on now” in your company, HR department, and ... Read more»

The Big Reset - Josh Bersin

The Big Reset: Making Sense Of The Coronavirus Crisis

How fast life can change. One day, it feels normal. The next day we’re “sheltering in place” in our homes…distancing ourselves from neighbors when we go for a walk.

It’s a paradoxical time. In the middle of fear, economic crisis, and social distancing there is a growing sense of closeness.  The virus doesn’t discriminate, it ... Read more»


Coronavirus Response: People First, Economics Second

As we’ve all been in shock at the last week of events (nearly every event, meeting, and conference is now canceled), I’m trying to make some sense of this.

The big message I think we’re learning is that whatever happens, the right response is People First, Business Second.

I’m not an alarmist, but we ... Read more»

F. Scott Fitzgerald

On The Spanish Influenza Outbreak, by F. Scott Fitzgerald


(from a good friend)

Dearest Rosemary,

It was a limpid dreary day, hung as in a basket from a single dull star. I thank you for your letter. Outside, I perceive what may be a collection ... Read more»


The Coronavirus: Did We Somehow Deserve This?

I travel a lot for work. Last year I think I flew almost 300,000 miles, and while it takes a toll on my sleep, it’s energizing, educational, and lets me go out and serve my clients.

And as I travel I’ve always been amazed by how many people I see in airports. Almost all the ... Read more»

Mukesh Ambani Reliance

Reliance, One Of The Largest Companies In India, Takes HR Very Seriously

We just completed a two-day strategy meeting with Reliance Industries, one of the largest and most profitable companies in India.

The company runs the world’s largest oil refinery, operates the fastest-growing retail network (groceries, clothing, and electronics), and has launched the world’s biggest 4G VoLTE network Jio.

It’s a fascinating company that innovates, executes, ... Read more»