Feedback is the Killer App

All over the world companies are trying to find new ways to change their performance management practices to improve employee engagement, performance, and development.

Many are eliminating performance ratings, forcing managers to check-in with employees regularly, and rethinking their compensation strategies.  Some are doing pulse surveys, revamping their engagement models, and opening up their internal communications systems.


As I study this market and talk with managers all over the world, one thing keeps coming out:  we need to build a business around feedback.

Feedback is a big topic, and it’s more complicated than you think:

We all want it and we all want to give it … but it’s difficult to give and even more difficult to receive. And in the corporate world, people who give a lot of feedback are often labelled trouble-makers.

Today building a feedback-rich culture is a tremendously important task, and it impacts teams, organizations, customers, and the whole company.

Well a new world of feedback tools and approaches has arrived, and I believe it could be one of the most exciting things happening in management and HR.

I just finished more than two years studying this space and wrote a long article I encourage you to read.

Let me know what you think, I’d like YOUR FEEDBACK on all these ideas and new tools in the marketplace!