How to Build a High-Impact Learning Organization? Participate now…

How do you build a high-impact learning organization?  As many of you know, it’s not as easy as it looks.

Back in 2008 we essentially wrote the book on this topic when we launched our extensive research on training teams, and published HILO, The High-Impact Learning Organization®.  That research has now been used by thousands of companies to help them structure, govern, operate, measure, and automate their training organization.  And it is still as important today as it was then.

In that research we uncovered the keys to the federated operating model, how to balance resources between central shared service teams and distributed training consultants, how to effectively measure the training function, and how to implement technology in a strategic way.  By the way, part of our High-Impact Learning Organization research program is also the recognition of top training teams, which we launched a year of so ago in the HILO 80.

Over the years this research has continued, and now, in 2011, we are in the middle of a major update.  This year we are extending this research to include topics like how to build, manage, and measure informal learning, how to implement social and collaborative learning experiences, how to build the new skills needed in L&D, and how to build a strong learning culture.  Part of this effort is the launch of a major new research survey, and I would like to invite you to participate:

To participate in this study, please click here.

As a valued participant, you will receive a detailed report summarizing our findings, PLUS you will immediately get three new research bulletins from our library:

  • L&D Organizations: Who’s Hiring and Who’s Firing
  • Transforming Your Learning and Development Organization
  • Connecting the Global Learning Organization.

These three research reports will immediately be available after you complete the survey.

We are very excited to be advancing this research program now, when the L&D function is going through more change than ever!  Thank you for your participation, and I look forward to seeing you at IMPACT 2011.