How to Build a High-Impact Learning Culture

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  1. Excellent posting, especially your punchlist of what makes (or breaks) a company culture. I spent several years at a marketing firm that had the most vibrant, familial culture I’ve ever encountered; that culture was maintained by shared vision and, in large part, by the way our founders “managed by walking around.” And a dedication to learning, self-improvement and growing the competencies of the people around you was a huge component of the organization.

    However, when the company was in the process of being sold, codification and process was substituted for that old-line, contact-based culture. A guidebook substituted for encounters with the founders, and with the culture they’d driven. Not surprisingly, the nurturing and single-mindedly productive morays and focus of the agency evaporated – heartbreakingly – very quickly.

    Ever since, I’ve advocated to leaders I’ve encountered that they can’t take “culture” for granted; that they should dedicate an appreciable part of their time to promoting and demonstrating the culture they’d like to see take hold in their companies — because it’s not something that nurtures and sustains itself automatically.

  2. Susan George says:

    Good article.
    Very much real and applicable to service organisations

  3. Susan George says:

    Learning culture is to be conciously developed among all levels of personnel.Knowing the professional pulse of your team would help the Top Mangement to percieve the upcoming changes in the Industry.