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Talent Management Systems: What Drives Customer Satisfaction?

This winter we launched our second annual Talent Management Systems Customer Satisfaction research.  Now, after surveying more than 1,500 organizations over the last two years, we have a very deep understanding of how this market has evolved.  We will be continuing this research on an ongoing basis, so if you are interested in participating please ... Read more»

Mercer Enters the Talent Management Systems Market

After almost a year of study, Mercer, the largest provider of HR and compensation consulting services, has now entered the market for Talent Management Systems.

The company’s just released Human Capital Connect is a truly integrated offering of services, technology, support, training, and benchmarking data – all built around the Peopleclick Authoria software platform.

There ... Read more»

Softscape Settles SuccessFactors Lawsuit

Today Softscape settled the lawsuit filed by SuccessFactors in March of 2008. This lawsuit, which we wrote about in a prior blog post, revolved around a contentious sales presentation which was developed by Softscape and leaked into the public domain. In the final settlement Softscape agreed that the presentation in question had some errors ... Read more»

Perspectives on the SuccessFactors and Softscape Lawsuit

On March 12, two of the leading talent management software vendors went to war.  SuccessFactors, a leading provider of performance management software,  filed a lawsuit against Softscape, a leading provider of integrated talent management software.

The lawsuit, and continuing press releases, claims that Softscape inappropriately logged into SuccessFactors’ internal systems, distributed false and misleading claims ... Read more»

SuccessFactors goes Public

Last week was a big week in the world of corporate talent management systems.  SuccessFactors, one of the fastest-growing providers of performance management software, went public.  The initial IPO valued the company at about $500 Million, or close to 9 times sales.  This valuation is very high relative to the other companies in this ... Read more»