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Enterprise Talent Intelligence Arrives, Disrupting The HR Tech Market

Of all the AI innovations we’ve seen in the workforce, perhaps the most significant is Talent Intelligence. Talent Intelligence, as we define it, is the use of massive amounts of employee and workforce data to understand skills, job fit, performance, leadership potential, career pathways, pay equity, and organizational capability.

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Here Come The CoPilots! Microsoft Earnings, and Enterprise AI Is Next.

Microsoft’s Co-Pilot, powered by AI, is being widely used by Fortune 500 companies and has become the largest and most prevalent corporate AI tool in the world. A research report by CompTIA shows that 94% of professional users have used some form of AI, including Microsoft’s Co-Pilot. The company is deploying AI at a massive ... Read more»

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Hot Jobs Report Shows A New Economy And Why CHROs Are Key To Growth

In this podcast I discuss the Q1 2024 jobs report and what it tells us about the post-industrial economy. I also not that CHRO pay is rising, talent intelligence is taking over core HR technology, and AI is not, despite John Stewart’s monologue, taking all our jobs away. Lots to think about here, some important ... Read more»

Workday To Acquire HiredScore, A Potential Shakeup In HR Technology

This week Workday announced intent to acquire HiredScore, a leading provider of AI-based matching tools for recruiting (called “talent orchestration”). While it wasn’t discussed much in the earnings call, this deal is a big positive for Workday and could have many implications for the HR Tech market.

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Banking Under Siege: The Secrets To Digital Success In Financial Services

The banking industry is hot again: interest rates are rising, people are spending money, and consumers want a more integrated, digital-first relationship with their provider. For consumer and commercial banks, however, the last decade has been traumatic. Everyone from Apple to Walmart to Google to Mastercard wants to take their business away. And new Buy ... Read more»

Beamery Acquires Flux: A New Type Of Talent Marketplace

The Talent Marketplace space is red hot. Driven by the hot job market, companies are snatching up tools to improve internal mobility and the Talent Marketplace segment has become essential.

This space, pioneered by vendors like Gloat and Fuel50, was designed to use AI and skills inference to help employees find internal jobs, roles, projects, ... Read more»

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HR Technology Disrupted: Employee Experience Has Become The New Core

In this podcast, I explain how HCM systems have changed, and how the center of gravity for HR Tech has shifted. The new center is the Employee Experience and Talent Intelligence platforms, with the core HCM platform in the background.

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HR Technology Disruption: EX Is The New Core

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